Tulips, available in a wide range of colors, are amongst the most popular flowers in the world. With this article, you will get to know about the different types of tulips.

Types Of Tulips

One of the most popular flowers in the world, tulips usually have a cup-shape and are available in a range of bright colors. The smooth, green stem of the flowers only seems to add to their beauty. In cultivation for as many as the past 500 years, the flower is native to southern Europe, North Africa and Asia (from Anatolia and Iran in the west to northeast of China). There are a number of varieties available in tulips, which have been classified into certain basic types. In this article, we will tell you about the most common types of tulips
Different Types Of Tulips
Single Early Tulips
The first tulips to bloom in the season, single early tulips typically have only one flower per stem, which has a shape quite similar to that of a cup. The most common single early tulips are White Cascade (white), Diana (white), Flair (red with yellow lining), Merry Christmas (red) and Brilliant Star (red).
Double Early Tulips
The tulips that have much more petals than the normal tulips and bloom beautifully are included in the category known as 'double early. The most common double early tulips are Monte Carlo (yellow), Peach Blossom (pink), Orange Nassau (reddish orange) and Bonanza (orange and yellow).
Triumph Tulips
Triumph tulips represent a combination of the early flowering and late flowering single tulips. Available in a wide range of colors, this variety includes blooms like Apricot Beauty (apricot), Calgary (white), Oscar (red), Hibernia (white) and Shirley (white with purple lining).
Darwin Hybrid Tulips
Amongst all the types of tulips, the Darwin hybrids are one of the tallest. A cross between Darwin tulips and Fosteriana, they have long stems and multicolored flowers. The most common Darwin hybrid tulips are Orange Bowl (orange and yellow), Pink Impression (pink), Queen of the Night (black), Elizabeth Arden (dark pink) and Cream Jewel (cream white).
Single Late Tulips
Single late tulips are characterized by the wide variety of colors that they offer. They have long stems and oval-shaped flowers. The most common single late tulips are Esther (pink with silver lining), Union Jack (white and red) and Blushing Beauty (cream and fuchsia).
Lily-flowered Tulips
Lily-flowered tulips, as their very name suggests, have flowers that resemble lilies to quite an extent. The petals of such tulips, quite thin in nature, are pointy and turned outwards. The most common Lily-flowered tulips are China Pink (dark pink), West Point (yellow), Elegant Lady (yellow and pink) and Mariette (red).
Fringed Tulips
The special characteristic of the fringed tulips is that petals of their blooms, which come in white, red, orange, combination of red and white, yellow, pink and purple colors, have fringes. The most common fringed tulips are Fancy Frills (cream and pink), Swan Wings (white), Fringed Elegance (yellow) and Burgundy Lace (red).
Viridiflora Tulips
Viridiflora tulips have the ability of flowering for an exceptionally long period of time. They are also known as green tulips, since almost all of their flowers have a streak of green on the petals. The most common viridiflora tulips are Green Wave (purple and green), Spring Green (cream white and green), Violet Bird (mauve and green) and Artist (red and green).
Parrot Tulips
Parrot tulips have been so named because the petals of their blooms are often curled, twisted or wavy, rather than being straight. They have exceptionally large flowers, in bright colors. The most common parrot tulips are Flaming Parrot (yellow and red), Texas Flame (yellow and red), Rococo (red and green) and Black Parrot (purple and black).
Double Late Tulips
Double late tulips, as you must have guessed from their very name, bloom quite late in the spring season. However, they make up for their late arrival by lasting a long time. The flowers of these tulips look like peonies. The most common double late tulips are Lilac Perfection (lilac), Yellow Tacoma (yellow), Uncle Tom (maroon) and Miranda (red).
Kaufmanniana Tulips
Another variety of tulips, Kaufmanniana tulips have their petals open up into a beautiful flower under the sun. The most common Kaufmanniana tulips are Concerto (cream), Tarafa (red and white), Shakespeare (red and orange) and Scarlet Baby (red).
Fosteriana Tulips
Fosteriana tulips, with their pointy petals and adorable colors, are perfect for adorning a wedding bouquet. The most common fosteriana tulips are Zombie (red and cream), Golden Emperor (yellow) and Sweetheart (yellow and white lining).
Griegii Tulips
Griegii tulips are characterized by their pointy petals and bright colors. More often than not, the blooms are found to have a combination of two colors. The most common Griegii tulips are Cape Cod (red and yellow), Pinocchio (red and white), Turkish Delight (cream and dark brown) and Dreamboat (pink and yellow).
Wild Tulips
Short in height and ideal for garden planting, wild tulips are available in a large number of varieties. The most common wild tulips are Lilac Wonder (lilac with yellow), Bright Gem (yellow and orange), Peppermint (red and white) and Eastern Star (red and yellow).

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