Children, from a very young age, need to be instructed on how to develop the habit of reading. Explore this article for priceless information on the top books for children.

Top Children’s Books

Place a kid in front of a TV and hand him the remote controller and you are only helping going to spoil him and make him dumb. However, if you are smart and don't want your kid to be a couch potato, you would hand him a book. When it comes to developing good habits in kids, fueling their creativity and generally making them that much smarter, nothing really gets better than a book. It’s like this, when you give a man a fish, you help him get the better of his hunger for a day only. If you were to teach a man to fish instead, you helping him learn to survive on his own for a lifetime. The same logic can be applied to the whole idea of kids and books. When you give a kid a book, you help him get rid of boredom for a day, but if you help him develop the art of reading, it’s a bye bye to boredom for good. Read on for valuable information on a few of the best books for children.

Best Books For Children

Alice In Wonderland – Lewis Carroll
This book really makes for a great read and surprisingly so for both children and adults. The author, it is said, invented the characters in the book for the sake of his friend’s daughter, but before he knew it, he had with him what it would take to churn out ONE of the best stories known to kids and adults alike. If your kid is looking to wander into wonder land with characters like the ‘White Rabbit’ and the ‘Mad Hatters’, ‘Alice In Wonderland’ is a must read.

Listen To The Wind – Greg Mortenson 
‘Listen to the wind’ is one of the greatest ways of introducing a kid to the magnificent Himalayas. This book comprises a great description of the adventures of the author. Step by step it builds into details on how he got lost in the mountains after a failed attempt to scale the mighty K2. This book is blessed with a lot of positivity owing to the fact that it throws light on how a single person can help install positive change in the lives of thousands of people.

Peter Pan – J.M. Barrie 
If a kid fails to read this masterpiece by J.M. Barrie, the particular kid is really missing out on something. The book revolves around the adventures of Peter Pan, the leader of the ‘The Lost Boys’ in the mystical land of Neverland. How Peter faces and triumphs over his nemesis Captain Hook makes for the essence of this book. Make it a point to get your kid’s hands on it!

The Harry Potter Series – J.K. Rowling
Come on now, can there even be any list of tops books for children without ‘The Harry Potter Series’ being a part of it? When the first book of the series hit the stands, not a soul could have predicted that the book and its successors would go on to become the global sensations that they are now. If the kid in question is an avid reader, or even if you are looking to make the kid in question addicted to the printed word, the Harry Potter series is the way to go. To describe the series in just three words – A page turner! Now you know why there exists so much fuss over the books and maybe even the movies inspired by the books.

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory – Roald Dahl
Your kid may have seen the movie, but has he read the book, most probably not. ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ tells the reader about Willy Wonka, an over-the-top owner of a chocolate factory. The story also revolves around Charlie Bucket, the boy who along with other children wins a competition and gets an opportunity to tour the chocolate factory. Reading this book makes for a sweet adventure of sorts. So, don’t let this one go, just like you shouldn’t be letting go of any of the books on this list!  

That’s that, getting a kid a great book to read shouldn’t really be much of a problem now!

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