Testosterone is a very important steroid hormone. Explore the article below to know the testosterone side effects.

Testosterone Side Effects

Mention testosterone and the image that comes to mind is of a man with pounds of muscle mass. It has variously been associated in the realm of masculinity and this is regarded as what describes a MAN. Correct, but this hormone has more to it than simply providing the male characteristics. It develops the bones and also helps in maintaining the overall health of the body. Even females secrete this hormone but in a very less quantity. Males secrete almost sixty times more testosterone than females and so they are behaviorally more sensitive to it. In males, this hormone is secreted by the testes and in females by the ovaries. One benefit of testosterone is that in case of its deficiency, it can be administered, and this also becomes its greatest worry. Athletes and other sportsperson use artificial testosterone to either build their body or give them the extra boost during competition. As seen, these are not feasible in the long run. Both high and low, levels of testosterone cause various side effects and to help you identify these, the article below is given, about the side effects of testosterone.

Testosterone Side Effects In Men & Women

Excess Testosterone

In Men

  • Excess testosterone can speed up the permanent and nonreversible, pattern baldness in men.
  • High level of testosterone stimulates the sebaceous glands. This results in the glands producing excess oil, which causes acne.
  • Aggressive behaviors like uncontrollable anger and rage can result from excess testosterone. They also tend to exhibit high levels of violence.
  • If the excess testosterone is not controlled then in the long run it can lead to liver damage. Taking excess of oral steroids can also cause this.
  • Due to the over production of testosterone by the testes and its gradual shrinkage the production of sperm is reduced. This results in infertility. However, infertility is a temporary side effect.
  • The prostrate gets enlarged due to high level of testosterone and so it can lead to pain and difficulty in urination. Doctors also believe that high levels of testosterone can develop prostate cancer and also aggravate the existing prostate cancer. 
In Women
  • In women, high levels of testosterone can cause medical conditions like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), pituitary gland tumors and adrenal gland dysfunction.
  • Women also tend to develop excess hair on the face, chest, legs, and arms. This condition is known as hirsutism. On the other hand, they may lose the hair on the head taking the pattern of male baldness. This is known as alopecia.
  • It causes the development of liver cancer and various liver diseases.
  • Women also experience various gynecological disorders like missed or irregular periods, swollen clitoris, and infertility.
  • High levels of testosterone can cause physical side effects like sleep apnea, high cholesterol level and blood pressure and also the fatty liver disease.
  • Excess testosterone also results in the change of behavior like anger, rage, aggression, violence, increase in sexual desire and competitive feelings.
  • Excessive testosterone taken in the form of hormone therapy can cause severe changes in the blood sugar level, which can sometimes be very fatal. 
Low Testosterone
Men And Women
  • Low levels of testosterone decreases the sexual activity in both males and females. There is a lessening of interest in sex.
  • The decrease in the testosterone levels can lead to dryness in the vagina and problem of sexual arousal in women while in men it can cause erectile dysfunction.
  • In men, the low level of testosterone can lead to a medical condition called gynecomastia, in which they experience breast growth and development. It is similar to what the women undergo during puberty.
  • Low testosterone levels increases the fat in the body. This results in decrease in physical strength and loss of muscle mass. The bones are also severely affected as the testosterone helps in the development of bones and muscles. The bone mass gets reduced and in the long run it can lead to osteoporosis.
  • Adverse neurological effects like temporary loss of memory, decrease in mental performance and concentration have been observed due to low concentration levels. Other side effects can be depression, loss of motivation, self-confidence, and energy.

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