The freshness of flowers can be brought to your living room, by spring home décor. Go through the article to explore some spring decorating ideas and tips.

Spring Decorating Ideas

The scorching summer heat calls for a renewal in the décor of your home. The best way to add substance and vitality to your home is to bring in the freshness of garden. We are talking about the spring décor, which is widely popular these days. Add a hint of the season of rebirth and renewal, by replacing the heavy fabrics with the lighter one. Introduce floral prints to your comforters. Paint the walls with pastel colors. If you are still not clear about how to decorate your home, then read the following lines. Given below are some spring decorating ideas, just for you.  
Spring Home Décor Tips
Remove Heavy Linens
It is the time to pack away all the heavy fabrics into your winter wardrobe. Replace the heavy linens with light and airy fabrics such as pure cotton and lace. You may choose lace curtains. For the comforters, cotton would be the best bet. Use cotton covers, patterned with floral prints, for your throw pillows. Apart from the comforters, you may give a hint of spring to your furniture as well. Make use of slipcovers to cover the couch, instead of heavy upholstery. It is wise to choose floral patterns for the same.
Choose Light Colors
Spring décor is all about providing a soothing atmosphere to the room. Therefore, choose light colors that are soothing to the eyes as well as brighten up the entire room. Pale tones and light pastel shades of green, beige, off white, peach, are the best bet for the spring décor. Apart from the pastel shades, you may also opt for radiant gold, fuchsia and green-based yellows, which are some of the chosen vibrant spring colors for the comforters, curtains and slipcovers.
Use Throw Rugs
One of the easiest ways to update your home is to use area rugs. Rugs are meant to bring warmth to the room during winter, while they add character to the room in spring. Revitalize the look of your rooms by using lilac, iris blue, mauve colored throw rugs. Ensure that the rugs go well with the chosen theme or color scheme for your rooms. Vertical bold stripes and floral prints work well for the spring décor.
Get The Right Accessories
Tired of looking at the empty walls? If yes, then add visual interest to your rooms by accessorizing the walls with framed pieces of artwork, wall hangings, decorating lighting fixtures, sconces and mirrors. Choose sconces made of wrought iron and mirrors that are not too heavy. Place large sized mirrors are strategic locations, wherein maximum light can be reflected. This would make the room bright in the day time as well as give the illusion of more space. Create a balance between the positioning of the decorative items and the wall. The accents should well complement the color of the walls.
Add Fragrance
Spread the enticing fragrance of fresh cut flowers, throughout your room. During spring, a wide variety flowers are also easily available. Make a beautiful flower vase by arranging fresh cut flowers like tulips, daffodils, daisies and roses. You may either make an assortment or choose a single type of flowers, for the vase. This way, the freshness and soothing aroma of garden will be brought into your living room. If you do not get much options for fresh flowers to choose from, then you may purchase silk flowers and sprinkle fragrance of your favorite flowers on them.

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