A sour stomach can be quite a pain! Explore this write-up to discover the best remedies for sour stomach.

Sour Stomach Remedies

Food, food and more food! Have you ever felt any severe aversion towards food, so much so that you would happily starve yourself than scoff a spoonful of what is only meant to be devoured? Sadly, this is exactly what a sour stomach does to an otherwise normal person. A person who might have previously found it easy to consume a tons of calories at one go, when bogged down with a sour stomach, may get queasy at the very mention of food. In a predicament like this, it is necessary to battle the issue rather than suffer in silence. Most people do nothing about a sour stomach or high acidity levels, expecting the ailment to get better all by itself. However, doing nothing about the ailment can hardly help you overcome it. Go ahead, check out the remedies on sour stomach, and bid adieu to belching, bloating and heartburn for good.
Home Remedies For Sour Stomach
Water! Water! Water!
 A sour stomach can be a pain to deal with and the sooner it is taken care of, the better. To get rid of this queasy discomfort, you can opt for one of the simplest but most effective remedies—water. Drinking a glass of fresh and clean water won’t just help you overcome the sick feeling but also offer relief from heartburn. However, keep the temperature of water in mind. Avoid gulping warm or normal water. For best results, it would pay to drink chilled water. Drink the glass of cold water while standing. You are likely to feel better almost instantly.
Carrot Concerns
Apart from drinking water, there are a number of other remedies, which you can try to overwhelm the discomfort caused by a sour stomach. One of these remedies includes consuming carrot juice. For best results, it is advisable to mix a single portion of carrot juice with a little water. Drink immediately, but slowly. Apart from adding water to the carrot juice, you can also try adding a few fennel seeds to the concoction. This will only help make the carrot juice more effective.
Papaya Portions
If you are looking for a long-term remedy for a sour stomach, you might want to consider the consumption of papaya fruit. Extensive studies have proven that the consumption of papaya fruit on a daily basis can help you keep your sour stomach at bay.
Go Green
Tea can help cure a sour stomach. However, that doesn’t mean that you fill your cup with tea that is made of milk, tons of sugar and tea dust. Remember, doing so will only aggravate your sour stomach. As far as the remedy for a sour stomach goes, it’s green tea that can prove to be a true blessing. Drinking a cup of green tea first thing every morning can help reduce the acidity levels in the stomach. Just make sure you drink the tea without any added sugar.
Ginger Justice
Apart from green tea, you may also want to try ginger tea. For best results, you can drink a cup of warm green tea in the morning and a cup of warm ginger tea in the evening. This will not only help you cure your sour stomach but will also keep all signs of sour stomach at bay.
Concoction Time
For a guaranteed remedy against sour stomach, try drinking a concoction made of water, fennel seeds, cumin seeds and coriander seeds after a meal,. Boil the water and add all the other ingredients, simmer for a while and allow it to cool down to room temperature before consuming. Drinking this concoction post meal won’t just allay all symptoms of sour stomach but will also assist in the process of digestion and put a hold on acidic indigestion.
With these surefire remedies in your kitty, a sour stomach would soon be a thing of the past. Try any of the above-mentioned remedies next time you experience heartburn or acidity and see the conditions disappear almost instantly. Not only are these remedies easy to avail and use but also comes without any side effects. So go for it!

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