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Silk Wrap Nails

The difficulty and challenge of maintaining your fingernails in great shape and healthy can be estimated by asking any woman who has ever dealt with stubborn, brittle, dry and weak nails. Even women with so called perfect fingernails have some fault or difficulty to deal with. Even if you are not a person who is much fashionable and stylish, you will have to take some basic care of your nails to make them look presentable, neat and pretty and not uneven and brittle. Our hands, fingers and nails go through a lot of weather change exposure on a day to day basis. There are many people who make use of several techniques like manicure to provide their nails that perfect shape and look, but these techniques are not affordable at times leaving people to think of alternatives. One such efficient alternative to manicure is the use of silk wrap nails. Silk wrap nails are pieces of material with silk that are cut in shapes of your nails and can be attached to your nail plate like any other artificial nail extension. These silk wraps not only protect nails from harmful elements but also add on to their strength and length. Mentioned below are some tips to apply silk wrap nails properly at home.

Tips To Apply Silk Wrap Nails

  • First of all you will have to arrange for all the things you will need to do silk wrap nails at home. Purchase and get together all the stuff you require like fingernail polish remover, nail filer, fingernail trimmer, cotton ball, nail glue, sealing substance and compressing sheet.
  • Next step in putting the silk wrap nails is to clean the surface of your fingernails. It is advisable to clean and remove any residue of nail polish or glue of artificial nail extension with the help of a nail polish remover. Take a cotton ball and dip it with nail polish remover and scrub it on your fingernails to clean the surface to retrieve its natural shine.
  • Once you have cleaned all the fingernails, trim down your nails using a trimmer to avoid any damage to them while putting the silk wrap. Also make sure not to rim your nails too short since it will pose difficulty while applying the silk wrap nails on your finger.
  • After trimming down your nail and providing them the proper shape, you need to take care of the proper adhesion of the silk wrap nails on your fingernails. You will have to scrub the surface of your fingernails in order to make it support the adhesion. Use a filer to remove the natural shine from the fingernails to give it somewhat rough surface that suits and supports the application of silk wrap nails.
  • Now it is time for you to deal with the silk wrap. Cut it into feasible size for it to fix comfortably on your fingernails. You might have to cut down on the size of silk wraps more to make it wrap comfortably and effectively from the base of your fingernails.
  • After giving the shape of your fingernail to the silk wrap, apply some glue on the surface of your fingernails. Cover your fingernails completely from the base up to the top with the glue to ensure best adhesion. However, you need to be careful of the chance of overlapping of wrap silk nail over the cuticle.
  • Once you have properly placed the silk wrap nail over your fingernail, compress it gently with the help of a compressor to make the surface smooth and secure. Compress it for 10-15 seconds by moving the compressor from the base up to the tip.

Advantages Of The Silk Wrap Nails

  • Silk wrap nails are lighter and thinner and much flexible when compared to other artificial nail extensions like the gel nails and acrylic nails.
  • Silk wrappings look exactly like the natural fingernails even after being applied on the natural fingernails.
  • It is quite easy to both apply and remove silk wrap nails on the fingernails.
  • Silk wrap nails can be used to increase the length of your nails as a part of cosmetic nail treatment or manicure.
  • Silk wrap nails are quite effective for cosmetic treatment of fingernails.
  • The silk wrap nails not only serve as a unique manicure but also protect brittle, flimsy fingernails which other artificial nail extensions can’t. Weak and withering fingernails can easily be protected with the help of silk wrap nails.
Fingernails are most vulnerable to damage and wear and tear and one needs to be extremely caring in order to maintain the proper shape of the fingernails. Silk wrap nails provides an easy solution to all the problems relating to fingernails.

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