Asking a guy random questions can be fun and throw up a bag full of surprises. Read your way through this article for examples on random questions you can ask a guy.

Random Questions To Ask A Guy

Ever watched the hit television show ‘The Moment of Truth’? Noticed how men and women on the show squirm with discomfort when asked touchy questions in the presence of their loved ones? No one likes to be questioned, especially not guys, and that’s as good as a global truth. However, it all really depends on the questions. A guy would love to answer questions that are fun to answer and do not necessarily put him in a spot of bother. The trick here, however, lies in asking a guy questions that push him to his limits of honesty, but not any further. It’s important to understand fully well what’s required to inject dosages of fun in a question and what deprives a question of the same. Some questions can be a lot of fun to ask for the person asking the question and for the guy answering the question too. Some however, can be plain offensive. Here’s presenting a cluster of random and fun questions that you can ask a guy.

Fun Questions You Can Ask A Guy
  • One fine morning, if you woke up and discovered t you were Paris Hilton, what is the first thing that you would do?
  • Turn back a few pages of your memory, now, who was your first love?
  • If you were to ask out a woman for dinner or even a drink, do you think it would be okay for her to pay the whole bill or would you be too chivalrous to allow that to happen?
  • If a random stranger on the road were to promise to give you a million rupees if you could only strangle a puppy or burn alive a butterfly, would you do it?
  • There’s no need to hold back for this one, but have you ever been attracted to girl who was way younger than you?
  • Who is your favorite comic book character? What is that one thing you like about that particular comic book character?
  • If you’re a girl, who amongst all your guy friends would you love to go out with?
  • You are at sea, there’s a storm, your ship wrecks and with great difficulty you manage to swim to the shore. You soon realize it’s a deserted island, you also realize you are dying of thirst. All of a sudden a talking albatross appears and gives you a choice between just a sip of water and an extremely good-looking woman. What you would you rather have, the sip of water or the extremely good looking woman?
  • Do you believe in social networking sites or would you rather meet a woman the old fashion way?
  • Are you in the habit of watching porn or would you rather not admit it? What would you do if you found out that your girlfriend or wife once acted in a porn film? Would you call it quits or continue with the relationship?
  • Given the choice between a dumb woman who acts intelligent and a smart woman who acts intelligent; who would you rather go out with?
  • Would you rather date a beauty with no brains and personality, or a plain Jane who is blessed with both brains and a loveable personality?
  • Are you on facebook? If yes, how often do you change your profile picture, upload photos and update your status messages?
  • If God were to make you invisible for a day, what is the first thing and last thing you would do?
  • Do you prefer to holiday in the mountains, or are you the kind of man who is way too fond of the ocean and beaches?

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