Looking for a perfect personalized gift tag to complete your present? Add that extra zing and touch to your gift with some of these personalized tag ideas listed in this write-up.

Personalized Gift Tags

A gift that’s wrapped up attractively and presented with lots of hearty and genuine wishes proves to be one of the most valued gifts, anytime. After all, it’s the love and affection that’s been looked upon while handing over a gift to a loved one instead of what exactly you find under that pretty wrapping paper. Nonetheless, presentation matters, and in the present times, it is often regarded much more important than the gift as well. While most people shell out huge sums when it comes to wrapping paper, they often accompany the gift so wrapped with a plain or simple bordered gift tag that’s available in most stationery shops. As such, even the prettiest wrapping paper seems lost under the same old white rectangle-shaped gift tag. So, while you have taken all the efforts to pick up a special gift and wrap it up with love and care, why not take an extra step to personalize your gift with a creative and beautiful gift tag? With some thoughtful details, give your gift a unique and memorable appeal. Find some ideas for personalized gift tags to make your present extra-special.
Personalized Gift Tag Ideas
Perfect Garlands
If it’s an anniversary or wedding gift, completing your present with a garland gift tag would be a great idea. Get colored foam in three different shades and cut out 1½ inch flowers from them. Paste them onto the gift such that they resemble a small garland. Personalize it with your message and name in the middle flower. And if it’s for a close one, you can paste the couple’s photo along with their names on this beautiful garland.
Adoring Hearts
If you are looking for a romantic gift tag to complete your lovely present, a hearty tag would be your perfect pick. Cut out a heart-shaped tag from red colored felt. Using white lace, sew all over the boundaries of the heart. Cut out the alphabets of ‘BE MINE’ from a white ribbon and paste them on the felt. And here you go! Time to present the gift to your beloved!
Natural Leaves
Instead of attaching the regular rectangular shaped tags, try pasting some creative leaves. They’ll be valued by everyone amongst your family and friends, especially by nature lovers. Find some green leaves in different shapes from your backyard or a near-by garden. Place them on a cardstock and sketch the boundaries with a pencil. Cut the leafy tag and create the leaf veins and midrib on one side. Complete the green leafy tag by coloring it green and writing your message onto it.
Gift Cum Bookmark
How about presenting two gifts in place of one? While the original gift will be highly appreciated, the second gift in the form of a bookmark, too, will not be overlooked. Take a card stock paper and cut it out into a rectangle measuring 8x2 inches. Punch a hole on the top and decorate it with multi-colored markers. Pass a woolen thread across the hole and tie it along with the gift.
Photo Tags
Receiving a gift along with an attached tag that includes a sweet snap of yours, stating who the gift is from, is highly cherished. While personalized gift tags add value to the gifts, seeing your picture on it would simply mean more than that. Use your creativity to cut out an attractive tag from card stock and decorate it or download a striking one from the internet. Find a cute photo of your and take a print out of the same. Glue the same on the tag.
With these personalized gift tag ideas, bring an extra smile to your loved one’s face. Alternatively, you can use your innovation to make more gift tags and transform your gift completely.

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