Performance feedback is a constructive response given to the employee at work, and is a crucial element at the work front. Read on to know more on Performance Feedback examples.

Performance Feedback Examples

Performance feedback systems are important mechanisms used at work to gauge and review the performances of the employees. A good performance feedback system ensures lesser attrition rates and also instigates the employees to work harder at the work front. Feedback systems are imperative to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the employees, along with incorporating an effective employee management system. If the work front fails to have an effective performance feedback approach, the company faces major losses in the form of human resources and might also demotivate the employees and eventually, lessen productivity. A healthy feedback system at work not only helps the company, but aids the individual to assess his or her performance in terms of where they can perform better and what mistakes to correct. Hence, it is important for the company to have a constant discourse with the employees in the form of a feedback structure, which will assist growth and productivity, retain the employees in the company and also ensure the growth of the organization overall. It is easy to verbally put across positive or negative feedback to the employees, but it is also necessary to choose the right medium and convey the message aptly. Using an egalitarian approach, here are a few performance feedback examples that will help in passing on an accurate message to the employees without sounding too hostile.

Examples of Feedback
Performance feedback can come in the form of reviews, visual or written structures. Written feedback, however, is one of the most commonly used methods to estimate the performance of the employee and usually comes in the form of various templates, based on different traits. These performance feedback examples can then go on to help the appraisal process in the company, that is conducted annually or every six months.

Generic Positive Feedback

  • Mr. ABC reflects a high level of work ethics and is extremely punctual to work.
  • XXX has very high attendance and engages amicably with the other members of the team.
  • XXX possesses endearing qualities and is extremely productive during the stipulated work hours.
  • XXX is a great communicator and is a team player who understands technical needs and executes necessary solutions.
  • Knows how to comprehend difficult situations and tackles them with ease.

Generic Negative Feedback

  • Develops personal instead of congenial bonds with employees.
  • Overtly ambitious and is a not a keen listener.
  • Always opts for short-cuts and looks for easier methods to tackle difficult problems that require expertise and practicality.
  • Behaves in an uncouth, unethical manner at the work front.
  • Always arrives late to work, and shows a fluctuating attendance record.
  • XXX has set unrealistic goals and does not pay attention to detail.
  • Has a very shallow and narrow approach to work and does not engage in discussions, meetings or discourses with other employees.

Personal Email Feedback  

Dear ABCD, 

The effort you have shown at work has been commendable /dissatisfactory. Along with the other ramifications at work, your assessment has turned out to be fairly decent/ negative in terms of discipline, productivity, work ethics and commitment.

As an assessment procedure of the company, this feedback is conducted to recognize your triumphs / failures at the work place. In accordance with this personal performance review, we expect you to keep up the good work/ improve in the core areas, and bring laurels to the organization.

Keep up the good work/ Expecting more from you the next time.

Formal Performance Feedback 

Name Of The Employee: ABCD

Positive Feedback
ABCD has been instrumental in the growth of sales for the last six months and has contributed heavily in the development of XYZ. ABCD has also shown great improvement in terms of punctuality, objective setting and problem solving skills. Job knowledge has fairly improved and ABCD has also been successful in demonstrating leadership skills.

Follow Up And Corrective Feedback
ABCD should constantly strive to meet expectations in this manner, and should also discuss problem areas/issues more often. All work has to be completed within the stipulated deadlines and should also be of high quality. Absenteeism, misuse of information and unrealistic time management will have to be looked into. Relationships with peers, reactions to stress and overall hygiene at work can also be slightly improved.

Overall Performance
The overall performance is satisfactory. There is a lot of scope for progress.

Objective Review Ideas
On the basis of performance, hygiene, punctuality, productivity, communication, initiative, management, team player, focus, commitment and ethical behavior at the work front, there may be individual ballot cards allotted to managers or each of the peers to assess the performance of the employee on the basis of all these factors. These might be done on a monthly or on an annual basis, which will also aid in the performance appraisal process. They must be judged and marked in an objective manner, either on a scale of 1-10 or on other factors, such as the ones given below.

  • Exceeds Expectations
  • Good effort
  • Satisfactory
  • Needs Improvement
  • Dissatisfactory
Remarks ----------------------------
Performance feedback comes in various other forms, such as verbal which are a lot more informal in nature, and visual i.e. with the help of presentations and projectors. Many innovative methods can be adopted to construct a performance feedback review, which will be useful to the employee and fairly easy for the organization to execute. Performance feedbacks are mandatory to limit the grind and movement of employees from one organization to another and also prove to be powerful tools to enhance the performance of the company overall. With these performance feedback examples, you should now be able to draft your own beneficial employee evaluation.

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