Writing an obituary for a loved can be a heart wrenching task. It is likely that you have never written an obituary, and now you have to. Here are a few examples that might help you.

Obituary Examples

Death, being an inevitable and sad reality of life, can be a harrowing experience for the near and dear ones of the deceased. If you have recently lost any relative, friend or close colleague, you might have to shoulder the responsibility of writing a funerary, however tragic it may be. Obituaries are typically written to report the death of a loved one to the rest of the world. It includes the name and the picture of the deceased, the birth date and the date of death, with a small passage or poem written to commemorate the departed. In many cases, eulogies and quotes are also included in obituaries. Obituaries do not necessarily have to be presented in a formal manner. It largely depends on how close the person was to the deceased. From small passages to large ones, obituaries can be of any size or length and can be published online, or in the local newspaper, depending on how widespread the family or friends of the deceased want the message to be. Here are a few examples of obituaries varying in style, function and template.

Examples of Obituary

Small Obituaries
Small obituaries are concise and include very less details about the personal life of the deceased. In most small articles, name, picture and the date of death are included, with a small quote or poem in some cases.

  • Mr. /Mrs. “ABCD”.Born on ‘XYZ’ and Died on ‘XYZ’. “Services will be held at on 2 P.M. on Sunday, June 28, at the ‘XXXX’. Burial will be held in private. Relatives and friends are welcome at the service and the reception immediately following it, from 3 to 5 P.M.
  • “ABCD”, 45, died on dd.mm.yyyy with her husband and children by her side. The funeral will be held on Monday, following a mass and memorial service held on Sunday, dd.mm.yyyy. 

Large Obituaries
Large obituaries convey a deeper message and are on a more personal tone. The funerary is usually written for someone very close to the family such as a father, brother, mother, grandparents or friends.

  • “XXXX” slept in the lap of the lord on dd.mm.yyyy. His final days were spent with his family surrounding him, and he touched the lives of many through his lifetime. Although his life was cut short, he was able to live it to the fullest, savoring and cherishing every moment. He understood the quality of life and knew that quality of live exceeded the amount of years lived on this planet. He loved to watch movies, spend time with his parents and friends, and loved his dogs dearly. During his illness, he spent most of his time with his family, cooking food, or just spending quality time with them. Although his frail body began to give up to the disease, his fighting spirit led on to him living a few more days before he could peacefully ascend to heaven. XXXX is survived by his wife, two children and parents.

    The funeral services for XXXX will be held on Sunday, and will be later followed by a memorial at his residence from 6-8 P.M. Donations and Flowers can be given to the XXXX Foundation. For more details, please contact XXXX on 9999999999. 

Obituaries For Elders In The Family
No matter what the age is, losing your father, mother, relatives or grandparents can be a very miserable moment in our lives. In order to honor their existence and to remember them graciously, here are a few examples that could be used while writing an obituary for elders. 

Example #1

“The Darkest Hour
Can be our Greatest Hope
When a Prayer is Answered
And God has Spoken
I Hear you Child
I am your Father
Who will not Pass Away
For when you Need me
I will not be Far Away”

My dearest father, XXXX, god sent you as a guide and a mentor into my life, but he took you back too soon on dd.mm.yyyy. I will always remember how you took my hand and walked me through the din of everyday life. What will I do without you? You were a great man, a friend, a teacher and most of all, my father, but now I know you are in a better place.

Funeral services for XXXX will be held on dd.mm.yyyy at ABCD. He is survived by his mother, wife and his two daughters.
Example #2

It is not length of life, but depth of life - Emerson Ralph Waldo

In memory of my dearest
ABCD (Father, mother, aunt, grandparents, uncle)
Born: dd.mm.yyyy
Passed away: dd.mm.yyyy

Cremation/Burial services will be held on dd.mm.yyyy at ABCDEFGH. 

Obituaries For Children
The death of children is devastating because of a well-deserved life cut short. It can be particularly tormenting for the near and dear ones, including parents. Here a few obituary examples for children.
  • “When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life in a manner so that when you die the world cries and you rejoice.” – American Proverb

    XXXX, aged 3 years, died in his/her parent’s arms at XXXXX on dd.mm.yyyy. After struggling with ABCD, he/she passed away gently, breathing his/her last with an image of his parents in front of him/her. XXXX was the son/daughter of ABCD and EFGH. He/she was their bundle of joy, and they waited for his/her arrival with joyful expectation. During his/her brief period on this planet, he/she enjoyed watching TV, cuddling with soft toys, and being held close by his/her parents and grandparents. He/she was loved by all who met him/her, and he/she will be greatly missed. A memorial service followed by his/her funeral will be held on dd.mm.yyyy. 

Obituaries For Colleagues
Obituaries for colleagues are slightly more formal affairs, and are written, on behalf of the organization, for the deceased employee. Apart from having a formal tone, these obituaries are usually shorter and are packed with brevity.

  • XXXX slept in the arms of the lord on dd.mm.yyyy. We are shocked and grieve the death of our beloved employee, who served our company for more than XX years. ABCD fondly remembers his services and his happy-go-lucky attitude at work. On behalf of the company, our deepest condolences go to his family members and friends. A mass memorial for XXXX will be held on dd.mm.yyyy at ABCDEFG.
Obituaries For Friends
Losing a friend and worse, writing an obituary for someone whom you spoke to a couple of hours ago over the phone, can be a heart-rending task. Here are a few examples of obituaries for friends.
  • XXXX, born on dd.mm.yyyy and died on dd.mm.yyyy.

    You are gone away too soon, and who else will I fight with and go to the movies with now? XXXX was a great person and a most of all, a dear friend, who succumbed to a prolonged illness. Funeral services for XXXX will be held at his/her residence on dd.mm.yyyy. Donations and flowers can be given to XXXX’s trust. XXXX was a true friend, and will be sorely missed by all of us. You will always remain in our hearts.

Obituaries are great mediums to express sorrow and also provide information for those who would have otherwise not known of the incident. Apart from providing information on the death of the person, obituaries also pay homage or tribute to a near or dear one. Losing a friend or a family member can be difficult, but writing an obituary for the deceased will help in the remembrance of the loved one and will also serve as a medium that will immortalize and cherish the life of the deceased.

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