Osho Commune International presents you a beautiful ashram of a spiritual oasis. Grab all the information about this heavenly abode, located in Pune, India.

Osho Commune International

Marble walkways, spectacular waterfalls, tropical gardens, exotic flora, and supreme serenity stand tall to welcome you as you firm your footsteps to enter this magnificent and peaceful paradise. Osho Commune International, as it is known, lies 15 minutes away from Mumbai by air, and 12 km away from the city of Pune, Maharashtra in the striking and impressive residential area of Koregaon Park. Spread across 28-acre luxuriant greens and contemporary campus, the Osho Ashram is a spiritual haven offering a multitude of extensive courses on inner discovery and exploration. The reason why the ashram was sited by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh away from common hullabaloo of the city was to bestow sheer spirituality and peace upon the visitors, with no mundane hurries and worries to surround. The tranquil and utter silent locales make the ashram one of the topmost destinations to visit in Pune. This is why several thousands of visitors and guests from all over the world flock to this place on a regular basis.


Whether you need some relief from your hectic schedules or want to heal yourself by discovering yourself all over again, the ashram fulfils your reason for visiting this refuge. The rich culture and fascinating history of Pune is perfectly displayed by the presence of temples and spiritual centers. Furthermore, the establishment of this exotic and luxurious yet unruffled ashram, also known as Spiritual Disney Land, adds to the glory and grandeur of this city. Stylish black buildings, massage parlors, beauty parlor, Olympic-sized swimming pool, tennis and basketball courts, and much more constitute the beautifully designed structure of the ashram. Whether it is healing, creative arts, therapy, sports, or preparing food, all activities conducted in the ashram campus pertain to the context of meditation.



Beginning with Dynamic Meditation at sunrise, the ashram carries out several meditation programs in Gautama the Buddha Auditorium each day. Meditation techniques, such as Vippasana, Nataraj, Gourishankar, Devavani, Mandala, Whirling, Nadabrahma, and No Dimensions are performed that provide a different window to the various dimensions of the inner world. The afternoon program that ends with Kundalini Meditation offers utmost peace and composure. The entire Osho Commune congregates together in Gautama the Buddha Auditorium at sunset to partake in the Osho White Robe Brotherhood Meeting, which comprises of live music, celebration, silence, and a discourse by Osho through video. Starting from second Friday, a 3-day meditation camp is held each month. During this period, no other meditation camp is organized, allowing every follower and visitor to immerse himself/herself in this intensive meditation techniques-laden experience.


Osho Multiversity

The Osho Multiversity, situated inside the ashram, is the world’s largest institution and comprehensive center for meditation and personal development methods. The center is categorized into eight faculties, each offering a wide variety of meditation and personal growth subjects, such as healing arts of East and West, western therapy approaches, esoteric sciences, centering and martial arts, creative arts, Zen sports, Tantra, Sufism, and many more. The programs offered range from one day to three months, with some faculties offering even one-hour individual sessions and classes.


Osho Samadhi

Osho’s Samadhi is the memorial of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, set in the midst of marble and glass environment that’s absolutely spectacular and awe-inspiring. Designed under Osho’s guidance, the memorial is perhaps the most beautiful and remarkable Samadhi ever created for any master. While being seated in the Samadhi, any person can have the opportunity of absorbing deep silence and calmness, four times a day. Makes for a unique and overwhelming experience!


Zorba the Buddha

The splendid and luxurious restaurant, located by the pool, allows you to pamper your taste buds and overcome hunger pangs absolutely. Ranging from the traditional Indian cuisines to the exotic worldwide delicacies, the eatery has them all. Whether it is pasta al gorgonzola, pizzas, omelets, French fries, paranthas, veggie burgers, or even masala dosas, this bistro ensures that every visitor returns happy and contented with sumptuous meals. To accompany these lip-smacking meals, the restaurant has a different menu for refreshing drinks and delightful desserts to complete your lavish and luscious meal. So whether it is indulging yourself in a tantalizing cool drink while bathing in the cool waters of the pool or wishing to enjoy a candle-lit dinner amid soups and pies, the ashram doesn’t let you down even on a single account.


Come and experience matchless ecstasy and elation in one of world’s most beautiful and incredible paradises - Osho Commune International! Marvelous meditation and superlative spirituality are waiting to engulf you in their arms!

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