Even the most seasoned performers suffer from anxiety before a performance. Follow the article for some tips on overcoming performance anxiety and know how to get rid of it successfully.

How To Get Rid Of Performance Anxiety

If you begin to sweat profusely and tremble at the very thought of your scheduled performance, in all likeliness, you are suffering from performance anxiety. Performance anxiety is also called ‘choking’ by some people. Apart from the novices, it can grip even those who own a wealth of experience, as far as performing in front of an audience is concerned. In fact, many of the seasoned performers suffer from anxiety and nervousness as they set on to perform another time. Self-doubt and a lack of confidence are the most common reasons accounting for performance anxiety. However, sometimes, it can just be a simple case of stage-fright. The article brings you some valuable tips on how to get rid of performance anxiety. Read on to know how to perform your way to glory.
Tips For Overcoming Performance Anxiety
Practice Your Performance
It has been rightly said that practice makes a man perfect. Your anxiousness may be the result of your under-preparedness for the performance that you have to deliver. Practice your performance as much as possible, to make it flawless and feel confident about your ability to make it successful. Always remember that hard work and practice is the key to success and you can conquer your anxiety very well with mock sessions and rehearsals.
Get Familiar With Performance Venue
This is one of the most successful tricks that work pretty well to bring your anxiety levels down. Try to get familiar with the venue of your performance and the stage where you are going to perform. While it may not be possible if you have to give an office presentation, you can try the idea in case you are doing a skit or a play. You can simply reach the venue before time and rehearse on the stage once, with all the props. This will surely help you cope up with nervousness and make you feel self-assured before your performance.
Get Your Mind Off It
It is important to keep reminding yourself that it’s just a performance and not the end of your life. The worst thing that can happen is that your performance will get blotched and this is certainly is not going to ruin your life forever. The idea is to have fun when you perform and in this context, the ‘devil may care attitude’ can help in bringing down your anxiety levels dramatically. So, get the worries off your mind and have a blast on stage.
Keep Anti-Anxiety Drugs As Last Option
Anti-anxiety drugs should always be kept as a last option, when nothing else is working out. In the instances of social phobia, clinical anxiety is often treated with the help of drugs. It is important to remember that the more potent drugs can lead you towards a tendency to depend on them every time you have to give a performance. If you have decided upon taking anti-anxiety drugs before setting on to perform, it is advisable that you consult a professional for the right recommendation.

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