It is almost sinful not to have outdoor party lights for that perfect night. Herein mentioned are the different types of outdoor lights and some tips on using them for decoration.

Outdoor Party Lights

No party is complete without well positioned party lights, be it indoors or outdoors. Since there is no natural lighting during the night, a set of party lights is a must to highlight the location and the guests. And when the party happens to be an outdoor one, lights give out a sense of warmth and while setting the surrounding aglow. Party lights don’t always have to be flashy – they can be dim or bright or subtle or bold depending upon the statement that you intend to make. And using your creativity in arranging these lights will be the key. Party lights come in different shapes and designs, so you can add variety to your outdoor party décor and give it that envious edge. You can choose from a wide variety of themes ranging from international to traditional. Investing in party lights maybe an expensive affair, but what it can do to the ambience of the room will be worth it. If you want to setup a beautiful party with some great lighting, there are some tips and ideas you could use!
Outdoor Party Lighting
  • Wall lights can be mounted on the wall in different colours and can be made of a variety of materials such as bronze, silver etc. These don’t take up too much space and work effectively and are inexpensive too!
  • LED lights are used in big areas since they are bright and infact are the only ones that give you your money’s worth because of the amount of light they produce.
  • Ambient lighting is very expensive but maybe used if you really desire it.
  • Subtle lights in the form of pond lights are used for delicate and sober occasions. They don’t provide much light, but look gorgeous on a dark night!
  • Lamp posts are one of those unexpected forms of lighting that can look good. The lamp posts can be decorated according to the theme of the party with ribbons and flowers.
  • String lights are common in most parties, as they are quite inexpensive. They are used for festivals and as a decoration on trees but they do not give out much light.
  • Spotlights are a less common idea as they are very bright and big. But for safety issues, they are the best as they are sturdy.
How You Can Decorate
  • The pathway needs decorating and lighting to avoid anyone from tripping and falling. You can do this by placing small candles along the edges.
  • What you can do is, decorate the backyard or the party location with hundreds of tiny lights since they are portable and easy to handle. You could use LED lamps (battery operated) since it avoids the risk of shocks and burns.
  • In the market, there are globe lamps that are big and made of paper, but give you only a certain amount of light. Use these at the gates and the trees.
  • Themes could involve an Asian oriented theme, like a Japanese lantern hanging from the corners of the room or if its Halloween party you could use Jack-o-lanterns!
  • Candles give the right amount to the room even if it’s big or small. They can be elegantly placed around the room in candlesticks that are beautifully decorated. To make sure that the wind doesn’t blow them off, place them in a vase or make a cover around each.
  • Lastly, place the string lights on the trees around the venue and watch how they twinkle for that perfect effect!
The occasion will surely turn out to be a beautiful one by keeping these suggestions in mind. Take your party from darkness into light!

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