Grab your share of health and wellness with this write-up that lists some of the most healthy foods available to us on this planet. For more on this, read on.

Most Healthy Foods

Fad diets are a passé now! With ‘eating smart’ becoming the latest buzzword, people have discovered smarter ways to keep the pounds off. It’s time to dump your fixation for super sized burgers, chicken nuggets and high fat dips and switch on some healthy foods for a perfect health boost. Pack away the cookies, cakes, fries and cans of beer and get bingeing on some healthy food! In doing so you won’t just lift off pounds from your waistline but also add years to your life. Contrary to what most people think, health foods aren’t boring and bland. In fact, they are so sumptuous and appeasing that you won’t mind turning to healthy fare again and again for your daily dose of nourishment. Most health foods are powerhouse of useful nutrients and can be easily found on the supermarket shelves. Including these health foods to your diet won’t just satisfy your daily nutrient needs but would also leave you high on health. To know more about the most healthy foods, read on.
Healthiest Foods
Some health freak had rightly said that you could never get enough of spinach, broccoli and cauliflower! Bright and flavorful veggies, supercharged with phytonutrients, fibers and essential vitamins and nutrients, are possibly the most nutritious food alternative available on this planet. For all those who find the prospect of a veggie meal uninspiring, know that gobbling up the greens and scarfing down the veggies everyday won’t just result in healthy immune systems, but will also leave you with gorgeous hair and beautiful skin. Adding at least five servings of vegetables to your meal everyday will boost your vision, longevity and keep risks of cancer and cardiac arrest at bay. So, the next time you feel the urge to chomp on something, get hold of a carrot or cucumber instead!
With all the bad press on pre-packed, man-made and mass-produced foods, it’s time to go au natural with your diet now! Substitute your sugar-packed smoothies and high-fructose fruit juices with a piece of fresh fruit and feel the difference. Including a generous serving of fresh fruits to your diet won’t just slash down all health risks but would also promote good health. Packed with super-nutrients, fibers and minerals, fruits like berries, melons, papaya, pineapple, banana, apple, orange, guava and kiwi come loaded with disease fighting antioxidants and energy boosting properties, and thus make for a perfect health food. Add them to your cereals, toss them into your salads or just bite into them raw for a little energy boost to last you all through the day. Switch on to these colorful, tasty and bright treats every now and then and give your health a big lift. Next time you open the refrigerator to gulp some apple juice, grab an apple instead!
This household staple is a real superfood. Whether you wish to shed off a few pounds, puff up your forearms, or boost bone health, yogurt is the way to go. Derived from milk, yogurt comes loaded with calcium, which makes it our best defense against diseases like osteoporosis, cholesterol and blood pressure. Blend it with your favorite fruit or spice it up with your favorite condiments and devour its goodness. Nothing beats the delight of spooning down thick, tangy and creamy bits of yogurt. Apart from being high on health, it perfectly appeases the taste buds as well.
There is no denying that nuts are the healthiest food around. Believe it or not, the green and brown seeds, which garnishes your desserts and ice creams, are an excellent food choice. High on plant-based fat and monosaturated fats, these seedy extensions of fruits are certifiably the most potent source of health foods. Rich in vitamin, calcium, protein, fiber and potassium, eating nuts not only clears your arteries but also lowers cholesterol, fights off free radicals, prevents premature ageing and boosts bone health. With so much goodness attached to pistachios, walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts, pine nuts, chestnuts and more, there is little stopping you from going nuts about it.
Whole Grains
There is nothing like a bowl of oatmeal to kick-start your day! Apart from refurbishing energy and curbing cholesterol, it helps to boost brain alertness and keep risks like diabetes, cancers and heart problems at bay. But that is not all. Whole grains helps to slow down the release of carbohydrates and reduces the risk of many chronic disease. Piling up your plates corn, oats, rye, wheat and maize will give your brains the much needed kick and pep up your alacrity.
Extremely delicious and supremely healthy, salmon ranks high when it comes to talking of health foods. Low in fat and loaded with proteins, vitamins and magnesium, this pink-hued fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and comes with a host of goodness. Including salmon to your diet won’t just keep cancers like prostrate, colon and kidney at bay but will also boost body metabolism to its peak. What’s more, this lean protein source has been found equally good in fighting depression, lowering aggression and combating degenerative diseases.
Noshing on these healthy foods on a daily basis won’t just give your health a lift but will also ensure that you don’t have to spend tons of cash on your medical bills. Eat healthy and live long!

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