Metallic smell bad breath is a very rare condition of the oral or the nasal cavity. Explore through this article to know about metallic smell bad breath.

Metallic Smell Bad Breath

If you are facing a bad breath problem, it in all likelihood could be a case of halitosis, which is also known as metallic smell bad breath. In this condition, a person’s oral or nasal region can smell metallic. At times, other distasteful odors may also be detected and may not be eliminated through any normal oral hygiene techniques. Scientists have found out that a particular compound related to sulfur is released by the bacterium present in the mouth which causes the metallic bad breath. Under normal circumstances, a person facing common bad breath issues just has to brush and rinse his mouth with any good mouthwash to get rid of bad odor. However, there are instances where a person is just unable to rid himself/herself of that problem. This can create unwanted situations, where one begins to avoid social gatherings due to bad breath. Nonetheless, this problem can be solved. Find out more on symptoms, causes and treatment for this problem.

Symptoms, Causes and Treatment For Metallic Smell Bad Breath

Metallic Smell Bad Breath is usually a symptom of stomach related problems. So, there are no particular symptoms to trace from where the bad odor occurs. A small stint of metallic taste is reported by people who suffer from halitosis. However, it doesn’t mean that people who have a metallic taste in their mouths always suffer from metallic tastes. It is therefore better to consult your physician about it before you come to a conclusion.

  • There are numerous causes for a person to suffer from metallic bad breath. Some of them are occurrences of jaundice, metal poisoning, heartburn, and other stomach related problems.
  • There may be other problems like pregnancy, intake of drugs and certain dental problems which play an important role in causing metallic bad breath.
  • Scientists believe that there are nearly 150 species of bacterium present in the mouth which live and eat leftover food in the mouth. These parasitic bacterium leave an odor which is believed to be one of the causes of metallic smell bad breath.
If you are suffering from any of the above said problems, then you may conclude that you are suffering from metallic bad breath. However, it is always better to consult your doctor, who may be able to give you a solution for your problem.


  • As metallic smelling bad breath is a symptom of an absolutely different problem, solving the problem is the best treatment for metallic bad breath.
  • Besides undergoing treatment for the particular problem, you can solve halitosis by chewing strong mint flavored chewing gum or certain other flavored confectionaries which can make you overcome metallic bad breath.
  • Cinnamon, cloves or lemon are very efficient in providing temporary relief.
  • Maintaining oral hygiene by brushing your teeth and using certain mouthwashes is very important to keep yourself away from such bad breaths.

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