One of the most popular sports, a great form of exercise and a fantastic hobby, the history & origin of the jump rope is quite a mystery. Delve deeper into this topic and learn some interesting info.

Jump Rope History

The mere mention of “jump rope” paints a vivid picture of a six year old girl skipping and jumping in a playground. Nevertheless, jumping rope is a popular sport that dates back to the early decades in human history. Over time, jumping rope has evolved and is now one of the most competitive sports! Also commonly identified as skip rope or rope jumping, this activity was indeed an integral form of recreation during the ancient civilizations. In the older times, Egyptians would practice this fascinating diversion by jumping over vines, while aborigines exploited bamboo to skip around! Jumping rope is, undoubtedly, a beautiful hobby and serves a great way to keep fit. Children from the medieval period were shown jumping through hoops in several pictures! Though nobody is a hundred percent certain about the origin of jump roping, there are various versions that claim to be the sport’s actual history. Embark upon the interesting journey of jump rope, about how it evolved from an enjoyable pastime to a comptetive sport and popular exercise as you browse through the rest of this article.
Interesting Information On Origin & Background Of Jump Rope
The Beginning
Majority of the jump rope history researchers have arrived at a discernible consensus that jumping rope most probably originated in about 1600 B.C. right when the Egyptians used to jump from the vines. On the other hand, they did emphasize on how jumping is indeed a natural movement. We jump when we’re happy and we jump when we try to protect ourselves or dodge an attack from a raging beast. Jumping is crucial to every sport, be it football, basketball or hockey. It’s an innate ability that develops just the way we learn how to walk. But then how did the concepts of jump and rope merge together growing to be one of the world’s most popular games? That’s another mystery! Most of us are quick to associate skipping with a restless little girl at recess. However, one would be surprised to learn that skipping a rope started off as a man’s game! This peaceful activity floated off to the European countries like Netherlands and eventually gained momentum in North America. As of now, the jump rope is well known in almost every corner of the globe.
Jump Roping Games
Popularity of jumping rope took a steep climb when children started singing jump rope rhymes, while jumping. “Double Dutch” is irrefutably one of the most popular and most loved jumping games invented. You have most definitely observed children in twos holding two separate jump ropes and circling them in opposite directions in unison. Then, you notice an enthusiastic jumping candidate standing outside the circle, waiting for the brightest moment to take a plunge straight into the middle. Games of this sort were played excessively in the 1940s and 1950s until the fame and novelty started to fade away with the innovation of radio and television. TV left the kids mesmerized, keeping them away from healthy activities like jump roping.  
Jump Roping Strikes Back!
Physical fitness and health awareness suddenly grew amongst the average population in the 1970s. This revelation provided a boost to the activity of jump roping as a whole. Jumping rope events were held at several school festivals and fund raising campaigns. It has, now, turned into a craze and helps burn down calories faster than many other popular exercises! Jumping rope has made a permanent mark in sports history and ranks high on the list of best exercises with least equipments. Amazing stunts are now performed with the use of these iconic jump ropes. Various jumping rope organizations and clubs have pooped from nowhere to almost everywhere! With all the positive hullabaloo triggered by jump rope activities, it is only natural to think that this historical activity has a glorious future.  
Now that you know the precise origin of one of the world’s phenomenal sports, you have all the more reason to jump around! Skip your way to health with the help of a jump rope!

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