Use internet not just for surfing the social networking sites, but to learn some internet safety facts, to ensure safe browsing. Listed in this article are some important facts about internet safety.

Internet Safety Facts

Internet has become one of the most useful tools for people of all ages. In fact, it is considered to be the most vital applicationS. You have a mathematics project to do; internet is there at your service. You have a presentation to make on the new prospects and marketing strategies in your company - internet is there to help you dig out useful information. Your parents are off for the world tour and want to talk to you. Open the video chat room and you can enjoy live conversation. Truly said, with the advent of the internet, the world has indeed turned into a small place to live in. However, along with the numerous benefits of using the internet, there are certain drawbacks as well. And people who enjoy harming others are utilizing these downsides to their advantage. As such, shielding ourselves from such hindrances and risks becomes our highest priority whenever we are online. To make things convenient for you, here are some internet safety facts that you should know in order to make the best use of the internet facility and its applications.
Facts About Internet Safety
Public Access
You step into a cyber café and start using the internet to check your emails and update your account. Also, you indulge in chatting with your friends and loved ones. Until now, it is fine. But, do not use the public hotspot for making cash transactions or using banking services, for you never know when you have a hacker seated next to you. Your personal internet connection is the best and highly secured solution for all your money and bank transactions. Thus, it’s best to restrict the public access wireless connections for checking and updating your Facebook account and other such applications only.
Pornography and other such related graphic materials are intensely and rapidly uploaded on the internet, drawing more and more traffic. As such, more teenagers are starting to get access to these sites which are a major problem that every parent must deal with at the earliest. The best and most appropriate way to block your kids from entering these sites is to install software that blocks access to them. To add on, place your computer or laptop in a public area of the house rather than in your kid’s bedroom. If your kid demands to work on a personal computer to do his homework or projects, buy one without internet access to prevent these risks from occuring. For if he/she needs the internet, he/she shouldn’t mind walking to the living room or hall where the computer with internet is placed.
Identity Thieves
People who have no other source of income prefer to become identity thieves. They steal the identity of other people and make a living out of the same. Thus, it is best not to provide any personal information on any website. In this way, you would be safegaurding yourself from these thieves, as you never know when your information would be stolen by the hackers and used for their advantage. These criminals are perfect in creating mimics of your bank and sending you emails asking for your personal information, such as account number or social security number. Beware of such websites and never visit websites through emails or pop-ups. Always type the name of the website on a fresh page to ensure that you are visiting the actual site and not any fake one.
Child Predators
It’s not just about protecting your children from porn sites, but also preventing them from child predators. These people fool the little ones by saying that they are of the same age, but are actually grown-ups. Sometimes, to prove their age, they even send fake photographs. Therefore, ask your kids to chat and converse with real connections, such as school friends or family members. Also, instruct them not to reveal their real identities to anyone whom they do not know. The next time your child informs you of chatting with his online friend, make sure whether the person is actually a child or a child predator.
Learning and sharing internet safety facts are important for you and your entire family. Follow them religiously and enjoy safe and healthy net surfing!

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