Computers have virtually taken over our lives, making the importance of information technology felt everywhere. With this article, explore in detail why information technology is important.

Importance Of Information Technology

According to the ‘Information Technology Association of America’, information technology (IT) is defined as the study that involves the support, management, study, design, development and implementation of information systems that are computer-based. This includes physical components of the information system, also known as hardware, and programs that help the machine to function, also known as the software. The scope of information technology is very wide and is gaining momentum with each passing day, to encompass many fields of work and study. In earlier days, information technology was limited to people working in particular sectors, such as banking, engineering or science. The passing time, however, has seen a huge growth spurt in the usage of information technology. The advent of the personal computer has made it possible even for the masses to benefit immensely from the same. There are many who might still wonder what all the hype about information technology is about. If you are one of them, read on to explore the importance of information technology.
Why Information Technology Is Important
  • In businesses, information technology plays a major role in the management and upkeep of huge amounts of information. It helps in creating information as well as aids in information exchange. Due to this, businesses can work with their clients in any part of the world, as though they were in the same building.
  • In the field of medicine, information technology plays a major role in various diagnostic procedures such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), scans, and other tools used to diagnose major conditions. These days, there are computer-aided surgeries that are being performed as well.
  • In the fields of science and engineering, information technology plays an important role in the collection and exchange of demographic data, weather reports, behavioral sciences and numerous other areas where automation and quick work is needed.
  • Information technology has contributed to various security systems for homes as well as businesses, to a large extent. More complex security systems are being used in the cases of government agencies and military bases.
  • Public databases and secret identification of people is now maintained with the help of information technology. In fact, a large number of criminals are traced with the aid of modern technology, since the exact location of people can be traced by tracking out the computer that they had used.
  • GPS or Global Positioning System is one facet of information technology that is fast catching up with more and more people these days. Using this technology, people can not only track out travel routes, but can also recover stolen items, such as cars, mobile phones, etc.
  • Information technology is extremely important to the entertainment sector. Numerous special effects, graphical additions and innovative multimedia applications are being used these days in movies. All this has been made possible because of information technology.
  • The World Wide Web (www), more commonly known as internet, is the most important means of linking the world. Without the internet, we could just as well return to the Stone Age. Communication has become much easier, and the world is a much smaller place, thanks to information technology.

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