While deforestation has a million disadvantages, it serves the environment with innumerable benefits as well. Glance through this write-up to know the importance of deforestation.

Importance Of Deforestation

In the modern world, cutting down trees is considered to be one of the major causes for global warming. As such, we blame the government for not levying severe penalties on deforestation. However, we are missing an important point. True to state that deforestation is harming the environment and posing huge environmental threats, but no one is cutting down forests for the joy of destroying them. The forests are disappearing, because they are fulfilling many of our needs which cannot be satisfied through any other source. Had the sources being provided by the forests could be met through other way, no one would have gone to the extent of severely tearing and ripping them apart. Check out the various benefits that trees supply us with, thereby contributing to the importance of deforestation.
Significance Of Deforestation
Supply Of Lumber
Almost everyone requires lumber and lumber products in their day-to-day life. They serve as one of the most staple construction materials, be it raw lumber for making tables and houses, or paper and other wood by-products, our lives seem just impossible without them. Just like steel and stone, wood is one of the basic sources required for easy living. But unlike steel and stone, wood is renewable by planting more trees. The only trick that works to prevent deforestation is to replace the cut down trees by planting more of them at some other place.
Generation Of Employment
Lumber is a basic requirement in human society and to supply it to them, one needs labor. This, in turn, creates job opportunities for many unemployed personnel. Right from wood cutters to people involved in processing plants for making glue from wood saps to processing pulp into paper, there is a job open for everyone. Considering the effects of deforestation, leaving people jobless will create a huge negative impact on the society, in general.
Creation Of Arable Land
While cutting down trees not only creates jobs in processing plants, the land left behind can be used for several purposes, thereby employing more people. This arable land can be given to farmers as agricultural sites for cultivating various crops and trees, or it can be dedicated towards converting it into an urban living site, such as creating residential complexes or building apartments and houses. As a result, more people can be employed in the construction project.
Home Of Natural Resources
Several forests are a major source of natural resources which cannot be extracted due to the existing trees. Home to various natural resources, such as iron ore, minerals, and oil deposits, cutting down trees can help the man to navigate the region and put these resources into various uses. Had the forests not been destroyed, these natural resources would lay dormant and untapped. This does not count for deforestation completely, but with the help of reforestation, both natural resources and forests can be benefited.
Establishment Of Booming Economy
Clearing of forests can give way to establishing great infrastructures, thereby helping numerous needy people. Not just homes, these barren lands can be converted into offices for work, factories, or new medical or technological labs. This will lead to urban renewal and help the state/country to stand in line with the great industrial economies around the globe.

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