A sprained toe can restrict your free movement, causing great pain and discomfort. With this article, explore how to treat a sprained toe. The treatments given would surely alleviate the problem.

How To Treat A Sprained Toe

If you are experiencing trouble while treading or having a sore toe, chances of having a sprained toe cannot be ruled out. Any discomfort in toe like pain and swelling can be an indication of a sprain. A bad fall, awkward jump, playing or even walking on a rough surface can cause your toe to sprain. It’s best to get a toe sprain diagnosed immediately to alleviate pain and swelling. A sprain occurs when the underlying toe ligament is damaged often leading to pain, tenderness, swelling and even bruise in certain cases.The healing time often depends on the severity of injury. If it’s a minor sprain, one can spruce back to action in a day or two. However, in case of more grave injury, it might take as much as ten days to get back to one’s feet. Its best advised to consult a doctor if the pain is severe. But for a more subtle sprain, you can try the following treatment. Read on to know how to treat a sprained toe at home.
Toe Sprain Treatment
  • The best possible thing you can do, if you have sprained your toe, is to take proper rest. Putting your foot down severely or walking can worsen your pain. Allowing your feet rest is the first step towards healing.
  • Another way to treat a toe sprain is to apply ice-pack over the affected area to ease the pain and swelling. However, avoid using the ice pack directly on injured toe. Rather, wrap the ice cubes with a towel and place it over the toe. Apply the ice packs at least 4-5 times a day for the first three days after the injury.
  • An uncomfortable posture can aggravate your pain and swelling. Just try lying down on the bed with your feet elevated to the level of your heart. This will boost blood circulation and assist in a speedy recovery.
  • Try lifting your foot several times a day to reduce swelling. Painful it may sound, it is best to sleep with a pillow or pile of folded blankets under your injured foot. When elevating your toe, make sure you lift your foot above the level of your heart.
  • Compression can help your toe recover from pain. If your injured toe is your big toe, wrap the toe with a compression bandage and then wrap your forefoot. If your other toes are injured as well, try wrapping your forefoot, but only on the advice of the physician. Wrapping the toes, at times, intensifies the injury.
  • To facilitate complete motion of your toes, it is important to restore the muscles and ligaments. The best way to go about it is to do some toe exercises. Your doctors may recommend you certain exercises to ease your sprain and help free movement. Flexing your toes, extending your toes and toe raises are some of the common exercises you can try.
Note: If you have a sprained toe, avoid wearing high heels as they are likely to push your feet deep into the front box, causing great discomfort. It’s good to go for shoes with seamless interiors, as they will cause less friction or pressure.

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