If you are wondering how to tell when your car’s battery is dead, then read this article. You will get to explore the symptoms of a dead car battery.

How To Tell When Car Battery Is Dead

Battery is the life of a car. No matter whether your car gives the best mileage or reaches the highest top-speed, if its battery is not in proper working condition, you cannot enjoy riding in it. So, how do you know whether the battery is alive or needs to be replaced? There are a number of tell-tale signs associated with the car, which can indicate that the battery is dead. If you want to know how to tell when a car battery is dead, go through the article. After reading the article, you will come to know whether the battery needs to be replaced or not.
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Signs Of A Dead Car Battery
It Makes A Ticking Sound
If you find that your car is making a ticking sound instead of the usual sounds that are heard when the key is turned on, probably the battery is dead.
It Drags When Started
If the battery is dead, the use of extra power will make the car drag when started. For instance, if the car refuses to start after the headlights are turned on for a while; it is an indication that the battery is dead and needs to be replaced.
It Doesn’t Start At All
The car won’t start at all, in case its battery is dead. Faulty battery connections may also lead to this problem. You can test the working condition of the battery by installing it in a different car. In that case, if the vehicle starts and runs for a while, probably the connections to the battery got loose.
How To Make Sure
Check The Alternator
One of the most appropriate methods to check whether the car’s battery is dead or not is to check the alternator. In case you find that the car doesn’t start when the ground cable is removed from the battery, the alternator is not in the working condition. It is the alternator that needs to be replaced, not the car’s battery.
  • The car’s battery needs to be checked on a regular basis. It needs a lot of care and maintenance.Also keep a check on its water content, every now and then.
  • The battery cables should be connected properly, as loose connections may be one of the reasons why your car is dead and doesn’t start immediately when its key is turned on.
  • Clean the battery posts, located on its top side, regularly, as it may get corroded if left unclean, leading to incomplete charging.
  • Get your battery tested from a professional, in case you find problems in kick-starting the vehicle.

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