For a person leading an extremely busy life, sleep just needs to take the second seat. Breeze through this article to know what it takes to sleep less.

How To Sleep Less

Think about this – A day has twenty-four hours and you sleep for almost twelve of those twenty-four hours. Now, do you really think that you need twelve hours of sleep? Well, not really. It is a widely known fact that an adult human being only needs seven to eight hours of sleep. However, when people sleep for longer than that, what they are doing is really wasting time and this is because four hours of the extra time spent sleeping could have otherwise been spent doing something productive. It is this extra productivity that creates in people the desire to want to sleep a lot lesser than they actually do. However, with busy schedules and escalating levels of fatigue, almost everyone sleeps a lot longer than they really want to. If you are looking to sleep for a fewer number of hours per day, then what you should be doing is reading the rest of this article and finding out exactly how.

Tips On Sleeping Less

Make A Conscious Decision
If you know that you have been sleeping for ten to twelve hours per day and you know for sure that you want to cut down on the amount of hours you sleep for, you will have to make a conscious decision to do so. It is this conscious decision that will help you reduce your sleeping time and in turn sleep less. For example, if you sleep for ten to twelve hours per day, you are surely getting more sleep than you need. You will have to thus make up your mind to sleep for fewer hours, seven to eight hours making for the right number of hours of sleep that you may need per day. Sometimes, it may also be sufficient for you to get just six hours of sleep, anything lesser, however, is not too advisable.  

Increase Your Sleep Quality
Spending eight to ten hours in your bed doesn’t mean that you have been sleeping for eight or ten hours. It only means that you have ‘spent’ eight to ten hours in bed, out of which you may have slept for only five to six while tossing and turning around for the remaining. To truly sleep for a shorter period of time, it is a must to invest in quality sleep as opposed to just lying aimlessly in bed. When you do enjoy hours of quality sleep, you automatically will sleep for a fewer number of hours.

Eliminate Stress
You need more hours out of your day; then do try to make sincere attempts at cutting down on your levels of stress. This you will simply have to do to enjoy quality sleep and when you do enjoy quality sleep, like mentioned before, you will sleep for a shorter period of time. You will also wake up a lot refreshed when you go to bed feeling a lot less stressed. However, cutting down on stress is easier said than done. So, you will have to take those steps that are a must to reduce the levels of stress in your life.

Build On Energy
To feel the need to sleep less, you will have to build on your energy levels. In other words, you will have to be as energized as possible during your waking hours. This in a way will help you feel a lot lesser the need to sleep. To feel energized there are tons of things you can do. You can hit the gym, you can practice yoga, you can play a game of football or you can just move around a lot more than you usually do. All of these activities will help you feel energized and sleep a lot lesser than you usually do.

Your Daily Bread
To sleep lesser, you will have to eat right and drink a lot of water. You cannot afford to eat food that makes you feel sluggish and expect to stay awake for as long as you want to. Food that makes you feel sluggish will include all variants of junk food and processed food. To truly sleep for a fewer hours per day, you will have to eat a balanced meal and drink at least six to eight glasses of water per day.

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