Cleaning rust stains from any surface can prove to be easy with the help of the tips given below. Learn how to remove or clean rust.

How To Remove Rust

Rusting is a common phenomenon, which takes place especially during the rainy season. It is basically experienced when atmospheric oxygen and moisture comes in contact with an iron surface. This results in the formation of iron oxide, which is visible as a brown coating, on the surface of the material, known as rust. Apart from making the material weak, corroding it consistently, rust poses another significant problem, that of staining surfaces. Rust stains are tough ones, which do not get easily removed. They can be found on any surface, making it dirty for ever. However, there are some remedies available, with the help of which you can try to get rid of rusty stains. To know how to remove or clean rust stains, read the tips given below.
Rust Stain On Fabrics 
  • To remove rust stains from fabrics like nylon, polyester, acrylic, apply lemon juice over the area. After this, wash it thoroughly with water or preferably launder.
  • Rhubarb is effective in treating rust stains. For this, boil the rhubarb for about 20 minutes. Remove the stalk and soak the garment in the boiled water, until the stains are removed.
  • Rubbing the stains with salt and lemon and leaving the fabric in the sun, to dry, can also be good for treating rust stains. Later on, launder as usual.
  • Another way to treat the rust stains would be to dip a sponge in white vinegar and apply to the affected area. Now, sprinkle a healthy dose of salt on the vinegar. Rub the stain and set it out in the sunlight. Once dry, toss the cloth in a washer and wash. The rust stain would surely be gone!
  • You can also use lemon juice to get rid of rust stains. For this, first lay the rust-stained fabric over some paper towels. Cut a lemon in half and squeeze it on the stain. Now, blot it dry with paper towel. Set the cloth outside in the sun to dry. Once dried, wash the cloth normally. 
  • Before removing the rust stains from a surface, wear rubber gloves in your hands.
  • For cleaning a surface, you can employ some rust removing agent that contains oxalic acid.
  • Before treating the affected material with the agent, make sure you carefully read the instructions on the product label.
  • For severe rust stains, especially in the toilet bowl, work them up with a pumice scouring pad, along with the rust-removing agent.
  • For outdoor wrought iron structures, remove the existing rust on the surface with a wire brush, sandpaper or sandblaster. After this, apply rust-inhibiting primer on the bare spots, finally painting the surface with rust-resistant metal paint.
  • For removing rust from a concrete area, make a poultice by mixing 7 parts lime-free glycerine to 1 part sodium citrate, in 6 parts lukewarm water. Add enough powdered calcium carbonate to create a thick paste. Apply this paste onto the stain and allow it to harden. Later on, scrape the paste with a wooden scraper. Just wash the area thoroughly and let it air dry

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