To get that perfect shot of jewelry, all you really need is guidance and patience. Swing through this article for instructions on how to photograph jewelry.

How To Photograph Jewelry

Astounding photographs of jewelry can often comprise what it takes to leave you speechless. Don’t want to believe what you just read? Then, just pick up a magazine or the ‘latest copy’ of the newspaper and browse through it; you are highly likely to find photographs of jewelry. The photographs of jewelry that you see in those glossy magazines and maybe even the newspapers holds what it takes to blow you away. However, it must be mentioned here that these stupendous pictures have had a lot of hard work put into them and tons of creativity too. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you, with minimum amount of effort, cannot reproduce the pictures of jewelry you see in magazines and newspapers. Make a move and read on to discover step-by-step instructions on how to photograph jewelry. Following these instructions to a T will help you get that much closer to ‘astounding’ photographs of jewelry!

Jewelry Photography

You Will Need
  • Jewelry
  • A Digital Camera
  • A Tripod (purely optional)
  • You can begin the whole process of photographing jewelry by first cleaning your jewelry. Why is it important to clean jewelry? It is important to clean jewelry because any visible dust or grime can ruin the finished product. Sometimes, your jewelry can look clean to the naked eye. However, what the naked eye misses can be easily caught by the camera. So, you, on your part, should take all the right steps to ensure your jewelry is looking as good as new. Only this can help you arrive at great looking pictures of your jewelry. As far as cleaning jewelry goes, you can clean it all by yourself, or actually hand it over to a professional.
  • Once you are done with cleaning your jewelry and you are sure that it actually does look clean, you can get out your camera. For best results with your camera, be it a basic one or an advanced one, make sure the batteries of your camera are fully charged and the memory card is loaded. Here, you basically should have a camera that is raring to go!
  • Proceed to get your working area ready. For that perfect working area, you will have to find a smooth and flat surface area, a table or desk should do just fine. Attempting to take photographs in places that are cluttered can make it quite difficult for you to arrive at perfect shots. A table or a clutter free desk will be just right if you are looking for professional shots of jewelry.  
  • Now that you are done with finding a place to place your jewelry on and photograph it, you can go right ahead and spread out a black cloth or dark paper on the surface of your chosen desk or table. Proceed to place your jewelry on the black cloth or dark paper.
  • Go ahead and turn on your camera. Look for the macro or ‘flower’ setting as it’s more popularly known and turn it on. The best way to locate the flower setting is to look for the 'tulip icon' and turn it on. Using this setting will help you get a clear and focused shot of your jewelry!
  • Get a firm grip of your camera and hold it just a few inches away from the jewelry. Hold the shutter button down and just around halfway to help you focus on the jewelry. Proceed to look through the viewfinder; does the jewelry look good enough? It should. If it doesn’t, you are not doing it right. Adjust your camera angle or move the jewelry around a bit, don’t stop experimenting unless and until you are sure that the jewelry looks good enough for you!
  • You can now go ahead and start clicking. Click as many shots as possible. Here, the more the better is just the way to go. Once you are done clicking, you can transfer the photos onto your computer and browse through them. You are sure to find ones that you like! 

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