A well-packed maternity bag ensures smooth delivery and comfortable stay at the hospital. Explore the following article to know how to pack a maternity bag.

How To Pack A Maternity Bag

Finally the long awaited day has come. It must have felt like you have been pregnant for ages, when the day comes it feels like it was only yesterday when you just put your hands on the belly and heard the heart beats of your baby. From then your life altered and for good. You became a mother long before the delivery day came, however the day has come actually to see your own creation. In this time of flurry and anticipation, the last thing, which you would want to talk about, would be packing a maternity bag. But remember that a nicely and well packed maternity is one of your biggest tools to have a smooth delivery and stay at the hospital. A maternity bag will ensure a comfortable stay at the hospital. Read on to know the tips for packing a maternity bag.
What To Pack In A Maternity Hospital Bag 
  • If you don’t envision yourself in the hospital gown, then you could pack your own clothes which are loose and comfortable. It is important especially if you have to spend a few days in hospital.
  • The basic toiletries are a must and you can pack it in a separate transparent bag to make it easier to take out. Pack all the necessities like toothbrush, paste, face cream, comb, powder etc.
  • Take cell phones and charger so that you are able to inform everyone about the arrival of the baby. Taking a stop watch is a must so that you know about the period of your contraction.
  • Take quilts and pillows if you don’t fancy sleeping on a hospital bedspread. Consider bringing a wear to home dress after you are ready to take your baby home.
  • You need to bring clothes for your baby too, for wearing when you are taking him/her home. Bring warm clothes with socks and knitted cap. Remember to wash any new clothes before you take it to the hospital for the baby.
  • Don’t forget to pack your digital camera or a camcorder. You wouldn’t want to miss those precious moments.
  • Take padded bras with you in case you leak. Take sanitary napkins if the hospital doesn’t provide one.
  • Take feeding gowns so that you could feed your baby easily and without having to strip.
  • Take bathroom slippers and towels for you and the baby. The towels should be clean and hygienic.
  • Take a magazine or a book to read as it becomes very difficult to pass the time in hospital with nothing else to do but to wait for the contractions to begin.
  • Take a lip balm as your lips may get cracked while you are in labor.
  • Remember to install an infant car seat if you plan to leave the hospital by car.
  • You could also keep a water spray in your bag. If you feel too hot, you could tell your partner or the nurses to spray it on you to keep you cool.
  • Some baby poops a lot after you have given birth. Make sure that you have ample of soft wipes.
  • Take something personal to help you pull through the delivery something like, your lucky necklace or a favorite pillow or even a stuffed monkey.
  • Take socks for you too. Some women get cold feet during delivery and that too literally.
  • You could also bring an odorless massage oil if you like to get massaged and it makes the delivery easily.
  • If you are planning to write a journal about the whole pregnancy thing, you could bring a diary to scribble all your thoughts while it is still fresh.
  • You could also pack some of your favorite foods and snacks if your hospital allows it. it will help you to restore the energy and your comfort foods also won’t let you fall into the postpartum stress.
  • You may also have to bring sleepsuits for your baby if you have to stay for two or three days in the hospital.
  • Muslin squares are also a necessity and make it an essential item for your maternity bag.
  • If music gives you inspiration then pack, your iPod, or CDs with you.

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