Tequila is a popular ingredient for a number of cocktail recipes. Find out how to prepare tequila.

How To Make Tequila

Before we find out how to go about making tequila, let us first know what tequila is. Tequila is actually a distilled beverage that is produced primarily in the areas surrounding Tequila, a small town in the Western Mexico. It is primarily made from the blue agave which is native to Mexico. The juice from the agave plant is actually used to make tequila.
Tequila Recipe 
  • First of all, you would need to start with getting your hands on some ripe blue agave plants. These plants can take as much as eight to ten years to mature fully. When these trees mature fully, the leaves are then stripped off from the plants and only the core or what is known as 'pina' is used for making the actual tequila.
  • Next step is to take these pinas into the distillery. Here, they are cut nicely and put up for roasting. There are special furnaces specifically built to roast the pinas. Upon roasting, the starches present in the pinas turn into sugar. It is interesting to note that each pina makes as much as 8 bottles of tequila.
  • After the roasting process is over, its now time to shred these pinas by putting them through a press. What this press does is it squeezes the juice from the shredded pulp of the pinas.
  • Next, whatever juice comes out after pressing the pinas, is stored in fermentation tanks.
  • Now, comes the important part. Yeast needs to be added to the juice. Special distillers have some special technique to add yeast to the juice. Upon adding of yeast, the roasted pulp actually starts turning into alcohol.
  • Next step is to leave the juice for about 30-48 hours. After the time period is over, the fermented juice is then distilled two to three times in either some copper stills or stainless steel stills.
  • The ultimate aim of the distillation process is to produce the nice aroma of the agave which is being used to make tequila and at the same time, it should taste as pure as possible. The alcohol content is basically between 70 to 110 Proof.
  • Your basic tequila or silver tequila is now ready. 

However, for making Oro or gold tequila the oak barrels need atleast 2 months time to age properly. On the other hand the rested tequila must be aged upto one year. This is actually considered to be the best tequila available around and is very expensive.

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