Feeling sad and isolated may be one of the signs & symptoms of being depressed. Read this article to be aware of how to know if you are depressed.

How To Know If You Are Depressed

We all have our “blue days”, when we feel hopeless, negative and sad, apparently for no reason at all. It may be because of the pressure at office, problems at home or just a mood swing. It’s completely alright to feel sad or blue once in a while, but if you find yourself trapped in the gloom and the shadows of murkiness all the time and find it hard to even smile, then it might be that you are suffering from depression. Depression doesn’t mean a person is a weakling. In fact, at any given time, approximately 10% of people are suffering from depression. However, not knowing that you are suffering from it might lead to a big problem. If you don’t want to be caught on the wrong side unawares, read on to explore how to know if you are depressed.
Signs & Symptoms Of Depression
You Feel Gloomy
Sometimes, every one of us feels a little blue and it goes away soon too. But if agony is your constant company, then you have something to worry about. If you’re always unhappy and not because something really bad has happened to you, then probably you’re depressed.
Social Withdrawal
You don’t have any social life and that means you have no friends. Even with your family members, you hardly interact. You hate attending any kind of social gathering, feel everything is a sham and don’t care about anyone, anymore. Even if you do care about people, you feel that they don’t care about you, in return. You feel guilty for no reason and get irritated on even the smallest of provoking. Overreaction has become a word with you.
Lower Energy Level
Even early in the morning, you find yourself fatigued and never feel energetic at all, while earlier you used to be filled with energy. You feel sleepy all the time but can’t even sleep properly. Even a little work tires you and you feel weak all the time. You are always restless, but don’t know the reason for the same. Your sleeping pattern has altered and you either sleep more or have difficulty in falling asleep. If these match your symptoms, you are suffering from depression.
Lack Of Motivation
When anything stops driving you and you don’t feel motivated at all, then you may be facing the problem of depression. If life seems meaningless and you feel that nothing good can happen to you, then you have got some problems. In fact, lack of motivation is one of the key symptoms of depression.
Anxiety & Hopelessness
Hope is the main key that keeps us sane in this world of chaos. Everyone loses hope now and then, but we still keep on clinging to it, as hope is said to be the best remedy for gloom. If you have completely lost faith and nothing can revive the hope in you, then consult a therapist without fail, as you are depressed.
Self Pity/Low Self Esteem
Depressed people not only lose faith in the world, but in themselves too. They tend to either pity themselves or criticize themselves, or both. If you have a negative attitude all the time and feel that you don’t deserve anything good, it is a sign of depression. If you have stopped doing whatever made you happy before, stopped taking care of yourself, don’t like to buy anything for you, there is some problem.
Loss Of Appetite
You have stopped taking interest in what you eat or drink. Sometimes, you can’t even recollect what you had for breakfast in the morning. Or, opposite, you seem to have started eating more and more and nothing seems to be able to fill you up. You keep on eating to fill a void in your life, but feel that you’re still hungry. It just means that you are depressed.
Being Short Tempered & Moody
You always have mood-swing and that too without any apparent reason. You seem to get angry with anything or everything. Earlier, you used to be very calm-headed and now, you’re always short-tempered. A little provoking is enough to set you on fire. If it’s like this for only one or two days, there is nothing to fear. But, if the symptoms have persisted for long, you need to see a consultant.

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