Allergies to cosmetics are very common and they must be managed for immediate relief. Read the article below to learn how to handle allergies to cosmetics.

How To Handle Allergies To Cosmetics

For centuries, cosmetics have been used to embellish and enhance the beauty. It is the best way to hide all the faults that can mar how you look. So, allergies due to cosmetics can be considered to be any woman’s worst nightmare. When cosmetics are a part of daily grooming it would be something far worse than bad luck if you develop allergy to cosmetics. If applying simple cosmetics like talc and gloss can make your immune system fire with all the guns blazing then putting on any sort of makeup can be the stuff of horror. Who would like rashes and itchiness on the skin when cosmetics are supposed to avoid those? Cosmetics contain certain ingredients that can trigger allergies. Since, it can be very hard to stop oneself from putting on cosmetics it is very necessary that you know how to manage the allergies that result from them. This can be effectively done using certain home remedies and you can also get instant relief. Read below to know the various home remedies for cosmetic allergies.
Home Remedies For Cosmetic Allergies 
  • Take a tablespoon of sandalwood and squeeze the juice of half a lemon on it. Mix the juice with the paste and apply it on the skin. This will provide relief from the itching caused by cosmetics.
  • Mash a fistful of almond leaves to form a thick paste. Apply this on the areas affected by the cosmetic allergy on the skin.
  • Another very good home remedy for a variety of cosmetic related skin allergies is to apply a paste made of mashed papaya seeds on the affected areas. This is also very good in reducing the itching.
  • Take five grams of mint and crush it. Add a little bit of water and make a paste. Now add twelve grams of sugar. Eat this mixture twice a day to get relief from cosmetic allergies.
  • You can also use one part of lemon juice with one part of coconut oil and apply it on the affected areas on the skin.
  • Take a tablespoon of poppy seeds and add one teaspoon of water and one teaspoon of limejuice to it. Grind them together and apply it on the skin. This is very good in providing effective relief from cosmetic allergies. It not only reduces the itching but also relieves the redness.
  • To reduce the chances of having cosmetic allergies take the daily dose of vitamin C. The recommended intake is 1000 mg and it is the simplest and best remedy. The vitamin C also strengthens the immune system and so it can combat the allergens better.
  • Add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water. Drink this daily to counter skin allergies.
  • When the skin breaks out in rashes, applying olive oil is the best way to get relief.
  • Include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet. They are the best antidote to skin allergies. The best are the fruits and vegetables, which have high water content. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and also drink juices that are rich in vitamin C. 
  • Take four tablespoons of vodka and add ten drops of rose oil to it. Add half a cup of rose petals and mix it with two cups of distilled water. Wash the skin with the water for effective relief from cosmetic allergies.
  • People suffering from cosmetic allergies should avoid smoking and alcohol as such substances can aggravate the condition.

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