Read on how to get six-pack abs in just two weeks.

How To Get Six-Pack Abs In 2 Weeks

Six-pack abs – are they myth or can they actually be carved into a reality. Everyone would love to have a flat stomach. The gratification you get when you see your flat and ripped torso in the mirror will make life ‘so much more meaningful’! However, do you think you have it in you to achieve the impossible, to inch closer to a coveted six-pack look, and gain the admiration and respect of your peers? To flaunt six-pack abs in two weeks, you’ve got to be within a desirable weight range and should have a low percentage of body fat. It’s the fat in the body that will prevent your abdominal muscles from showing. Men need to have 10 or a lower percentage of body fat and women need to have 15 or a lower percentage of the same. Apart from this, you should be doing your daily dose of exercises and your diet should be a healthy and balanced one. If you think you can tick off all these variables, go ahead and read on how to get six-pack abs in just two weeks. You’ve got to push yourself to arrive at your goal, but remember, don’t overdo it or you’ll only end up stung by a bug called fatigue.
Getting A Six-Pack In Two Weeks 

Squat It Out
Your abdominal muscles form the core of your body. You’ve also got to recognize the functions of your abs, they team up with your back muscles and help you maintain your posture and stabilize your spine. So, work on exercises that employ your entire core. Exercises like squats and dead lifts are a great way to achieve this as your body is challenged and even turns into a fat burning machine. 

Ab crunches, they’re the way to go. Lie on a mat with your hands folded across your chest or stretched out behind your head, but do not place both your hands behind your head, this can cause lower back problems. From this position, fold your legs and lift your upper body off the floor, but make sure you don’t lift your entire back off the floor. You should be looking to crunch your abdomens, pause for a second, or two at the crunch and return to the start position. Remember to flex and breathe properly, exhale when you lift your shoulders off the floor and inhale when you’re returning to the start position. 

Lift Your Legs
Lifting your legs while lying on the floor or on a mat is a great way to achieve definition in your abdominal muscles, you can do these leg lifts by lifting your legs off the floor until they’re almost perpendicular to your body. Perform a few sets of this exercise and you will begin to notice favorable results. While executing this exercise, make it a point not to bend your knees, this can destroy the effectiveness of the exercise. To raise the bar, you can do these leg lifts with a medicine ball or when hanging on a pull-up bar, these advanced variations can help you hit your packs harder and better 

Sit Ups For You 

Sit ups are the most trusted exercise for a shapely torso, lie on a mat, fold your legs, place your fingers behind your ear and lift yourself to your knees. Do 3-4 sets of this exercise, each set should consist of at least 10-12 reps. As soon as you get a hang of these exercises, go right on ahead and step it up, challenge yourself. Start holding weights to your chest, as you get comfortable with a certain weight, start performing this exercise with heavier weights or try doing the same on an inclined bench. 

Think out of the box for this one, move away from the highway, and use an alternate road to arrive at ‘destination washboard’. Ask your trainer to help you out with different types of exercises, exercises that focus on your abs and help burn the fat around your belly. Start moving around, don’t just sit on that couch, bend a lot more, get flexible; you’ve got to do all this and more to get the definition that you desire. Work on innovative exercises, exercises that target your abs is what you want to be working on. 

Cardio Concerns
You can do a 1000 sit ups per day or a 1000 crunches per day, but if you’re not going to move it, you’re not going to get anywhere. Cardio is what you should be looking at. Run, jog, walk, skip, swim, play a game; basically, indulge in an activity that sees your heart pumping harder. A ‘hearty’ exercise is the ‘heart of the matter’ indeed. You’ve probably heard it a thousand times before, but you do need a healthy dose of cardiovascular exercises. It can do wonders for your overall health and can help burn body fat fast. Once fat is ousted, there’s nothing that can come between you and a six-pack. Make up your mind, a ripped look is yours for the taking!

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