It is always nice to receive gifts, but getting unwanted presents which were given just for the heck of it do not deserve to be kept. Learn how to get rid of unwanted presents.

How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Presents

As the popular saying goes, “It’s the thought that counts”. Giving or receiving gifts is a valuable emotion. It has become more like a tradition to give, and receive gifts in every holiday season apart from the usual birthdays, and anniversaries. If you are at the receiver’s end, this whole process of getting gifts can go to the extent where gifts slowly pile up in your room, taking more space than you can move around. Finally, when you decide to open the gifts you find that three of your guests had come up with the same gift idea, which makes you wonder whether they got the gifts from the same shop as well. These can very well be classified as unwanted presents as no one would like to see the same things repeated throughout the house. The next group of unwanted gift are those that you get, especially, clothes that are either ill-fitting, or brings back the 1880s era. You cannot go on amassing the gifts that are of no use, but cannot dispose them either as you value the emotions of the person who gave you the gift, unless it is someone whom you love to hate. Given here are some ways by which you can get rid of those unwanted gifts without hurting the sentiments of the person who gifted it.
Getting Rid Of Unwanted Gifts
Make A List Of Your Gifts 
In most of the cases, the gifts become unwanted when they are not opened on time, especially, if they are any perishable items. So, it is always better to open the gifts as soon as possible, and list them down under the perishable things or the usable things or things that are already there. Classify each gift under these categories, and then decide what to keep, and what to dispose. 

Re-Gift The Gift
You needn’t be always at the receiving end; you are also supposed to give gifts for holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries. You can use the gifts that have accumulated in your home, and re-gift it to others, instead of wasting money on buying them. Give it a new wrap and presto! Your present is all set to be gifted. However, remember not to re-gift to same person who gifted you in the first place. 

Sell It
Selling the unused presents is not a bad idea at all especially, when you are not losing a penny in putting it up for sale. When there is quite a lot of auctioning that is happening on the internet, why not try a hand at selling your things there. You can get your guilty conscience assuaged when you find your pockets heavy with the proceeds. If not an internet sale, you can go for a garage sale on a weekend. Making a pretty penny out of your unwanted gifts is better than disposing them in a garbage dump. 

Donate It
To remove those unwanted gifts, no other way is better than to donate it to charity organizations or NGOs. You can donate almost anything to charities as long as they are usable. Even if you won’t get any money, the feeling of reaching out to those who are less fortunate is something priceless. You can make yourself, as well as, the person who gifted it proud and happy by helping the needy. 

Swap It
Why not swap the gifts among friends? The flower vase that you didn’t want can be a noteworthy item for your friend, and if he/she is ready to give away the bread toaster for that, just don’t think twice, and swap it. You can hold such swap parties at your home, inviting your friends who face a similar problem of unwanted gifts. 

Exchange It
If you are sure of the shop from where the gift was brought you can then exchange it for another one that will be more useful to you. You can give the information about the shop to your friend while you give a gift, so, if in case your friend doesn’t find the gift worthwhile, he/she has the liberty to exchange it.

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