You can get rid of bruises quickly, if you spot the affected area and treat it immediately. Explore the article to get some tips on bruise treatment.

How To Get Rid Of Bruises

A bruise, also called ecchymosis, is an injury caused to the biological tissues of the body. The injury affects capillaries and results in the seepage of blood into the tissue surrounding the bruised area. Such a condition leads to the formation of an ugly patch, which may swell or become painful if left untreated for a long time. It is easy to get rid of bruises quickly, if you take the required treatment soon. Check out the following lines to get some tips on how to treat bruises effectively and prevent a serious injury.
Bruise Treatment 
  • Wash the wound thoroughly with cold water and a mild soap. Thereafter, wipe the area with a clean and dry towel.
  • Allow the bruised area to rest for some time. This promotes fast healing and prevents the affected area from discoloration and a serious injury.
  • A mix of vinegar and warm water is effective in escalating the speed of the healing process. Vinegar increases the circulation near the surface of the skin and helps clear away the pooled blood.
  • Ice packs also promote fast healing of bruises. Make use of flexible gel-filled ice packs, especially made for this type of injury. Apply the ice pack on the affected area for ten minutes. Remove the pack from the area and give a break of ten minutes before re-applying. This will prevent the tissues from getting numb.
  • Treat the bruised area with electrical heating pad, 24 hours after the application of ice packs. The heat generated by the pad will help clear away the pooled blood and bring circulation to the affected area. The heating pad should be applied for 20 minutes.
  • Wrapping an elastic band around the bruised area is a good way to prevent a serious injury. The bandage will press the tissues present underneath the skin, which will, in turn, help prevent the blood vessels from leaking.
  • An effective home remedy for bruises comprises of fresh parsley leaves. Take some parsley leaves and crush them well. Now spread the crushed leaves all over the bruised area. Wait for a minute and then wrap an elastic band around the affected area. This will reduce inflammation and get rid of the bruises fast.
  • Vitamin K ointments are effective in treating bruises. Vitamin K will help strengthen the capillary walls, thereby reducing the chances of blood being pooled or leaked. Regular application of the ointment will help reduce the size of the bruise.
  • Consult a doctor if the bruises don’t fade away in few days, swell or become unbearably painful after treating them.

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