Getting rid of body odor is not a very difficult task, provided you are ready to undertake some efforts in this regard. With this article, get tips on how to get rid of body odor.

How To Get Rid Of Body Odor

Body odor is a problem that affects a large number of people. The odor, or bad smell, that embarrasses people comes from the growth of bacteria on their body. In summers, when a person perspires, the growth of bacteria increases manifold, resulting in excessive body odor. Mainly, it is the hair, feet, groin, anus, skin (in general), armpits, genitals, pubic hair, belly button and ears that are most prone to sweat and the resultant bad smell. It is not just the summer that is problematic; it is a natural phenomenon to perspire during hot weather but to sweat excessively is not a usual thing. If you are one of those who suffer with excessive sweating then you should know that it is called hyperhidrosis. Sometimes this problem is just genetic but it can also be caused due to emotional stress, stress, hormonal imbalance, too much workout, etc. But whatever the reason behind it is, it is very embarrassing to sweat too much and of course the fact that it gives rise to a pungent smell is all the more mortifying. It is not to be taken lightly; people have lost a lot over the issue of body odor. First and foremost, you can say adios to your dating life. Never again you will find a girl or a boy interested in you every again; even your close ones will keep at a distance from you. You certainly do not want to face all this, therefore if you think there is a problem then fix it as soon as possible. If you want to know how to get rid of body odor, then you have come to the right article. Read on.
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Getting Rid Of Body Odor
One of the first things that will help you in getting rid of body odor is taking a bath at least once in a day. If you tend to perspire a lot or have smelly sweat, then make sure to take a shower in the evening as well as in the morning. You can also use fragrant body washes while bathing. Make sure that you clean the area in your body that gets affected by sweat properly. This includes your armpits, neck, back, genital area, feet, etc. If you use an anti-bacterial shower gel or soap then it will be perfect. It will kill all the bacteria accumulated in those areas. After you are done with the shower then pat yourself dry with a clean and dry towel. This will ensure that all the bacteria have been wiped off your body as the bacteria cannot survive on the dry skin.
Use Powder
Powder is a great absorbent and can help you get rid of body odor easily. After you take a bath, dry yourself thoroughly with a towel and sprinkle powder on yourself. Remember to use it under armpits, folds of skin and any other place on your body, where sweat tends to accumulate.
Watch Your Diet
If you are suffering from the problem of body odor, keep a watch over your diet. Eating too much meat can worsen your body odor as can onions and garlic. At the same time, avoid too much coffee or any caffeine-containing substance. They result in excessive perspiration and thus, body odor. Other types of food products that you should stay away from are: processed foods, junk food items, anything with soluble fiber in it, alcohol and any other kind of intoxicant.
Wear Right Fabrics
Pay special attention to the type of fabrics that you wear.  If you suffer from the problem of body odor then choose the kind of clothes that will let your skin breathe freely. These include fabrics made of natural fibers like: wool, silk, cotton, etc. In summers, wearing cotton clothes will be your best bet, since the fabric absorbs moisture well and helps keep your body dry. At the same time, stay as far away from synthetic clothes if possible. Try to wear loose fit clothes rather than really tight kinds.
Remove Underarm Hair
The most significant cause of bad odor is sweat, that too in the underarms. So, it is advisable to get rid of underarm hair. This would not only make you sweat less, but also let the deodorant work better and more effectively. At the same time, you will look as well as feel much more attractive.
Some Natural Therapies To Get Rid Of Body Odor
  • Eat wheat grass every morning, empty stomach with a glass of water as an effective remedy against body odor. The chlorophyll in the wheat grass is the main element that goes inside the body and fixes the main cause of your body odor.
  • Eat lots of turnips as it has antibacterial properties. You can also use turnip just as an antibacterial solution to smear on the parts of your body that produces excess sweat.
  • Take a tablespoon of baking soda and a tablespoon of lemon juice, mix it together and apply it to your underarms. Leave the solution to dry of for a few minutes and then rinse it off with clean water and then pat dry. Once the area is clean and dry–– spray an antiperspirant deodorant. This will work like a magic trick. You will be able to go through the whole day without suffering from that god awful stink.
  • Take a few drops of tea tree oil and rosemary oil and mix it in a cup of water. Pour the solution into a spray bottle. Use this solution on your armpits every time before you use deodorant.

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