Do you wish to learn how to draw graffiti letters? If yes, here are some tips for drawing graffiti letters. Read on to learn this popular street art form.

How To Draw Graffiti Letters

Graffiti is a popular street writing art form where letters are twisted beautifully. Graffiti is usually considered as a form of street art where letters are painted on walls with a can of spray paint to cover buildings, bridges, subway stations etc. Many people also identify graffiti letters with vandalism in the form of gang signs. However, graffiti has a long history and dates back to the times of the Roman and Greek empires. Today, graffiti has evolved as a popular art form where graffiti artists use different styles and patterns to draw graffiti letters. The most popular form of graffiti today is “tagging” where a graffiti artist uses a “tag” to personalize his/her signature. If you wish to learn how to draw graffiti letters and create your own signature style, then here are a few guidelines for you to consider. Read through the following sections to learn a few tips on drawing graffiti letters.

Drawing Graffiti Letters

  • Start by writing a word on a piece of paper. You can either write your name or any word you want. Remember to write all the letters in capitals and also make sure to leave sufficient space between each word.
  • Many graffiti artists also prefer to draw some pictures or cartoons in between the letters. Always use a pencil to draw graffiti letters, especially if you are drawing it for the first time. You can easily erase away errors which are not possible if done with a pen or a marker.
  • There are plenty of graffiti styles available. Choose the one that appeals to you the most. One of the popular graffiti styles is the ‘bubble style’. This style is easy to adopt and is best suited for a novice. You can either make your letters round or design them with sharp edges as well.
  • After determining the style, outline the letters carefully so that it highlights the style you have used to draw the letters. If you are doing it for the very first time, use a light pencil to outline the letters. Drawing perfect graffiti demands a lot of time and patience; so don’t rush. You may use a marker to darken the outlines once you are satisfied with your drawing.
  • It is very crucial to maintain the thickness of the line of each letter when drawing your graffiti. If you are a master in sketching shades, you can also give your drawing a 3D effect. Modulate the letters with thick and thin lines and with dark and light shades to provide your graffiti with a perfect 3D effect.
  • To save your work, keep a copy of your drawing. For an exact replica, you can trace the drawing in another piece of paper.
  • Once you are done with your pencil sketch, darken the letters with ink or a marker. Do it very carefully to save it from getting ruined. Once you have completed doing the outlines, fill in the letters with bright contrasting colors to make them more attractive.
Useful Tips
  • Start working with a light pencil so that you can easily correct your mistakes.
  • Choose an easy to follow style, especially if you are doing it for the first time.
  • Until you have completed the basic drawing and you are satisfied with your work, do not use ink or other markers to highlight the outlines.
  • Be patient.
  • Look up on the internet or comic books to get some ideas.
  • Once you have mastered the basic style of drawing graffiti, you may tweak it to create your own signature style.
If you have always wanted to learn how to draw graffiti letters, these tips will help you to master the art of graffiti drawing in no time.

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