Many of us feel the need to help society but cannot donate monetarily. All such people must know how to donate time to help society.

How To Donate Time To Help Society

Every time we step out of the house to encounter the human jungle outside, we come back home disappointed at our own race – humanity is extinct in today’s world. Just as we are allowing our minds to rail and rant, someone shows a gesture that brings back the faith in humanity. It could be in the form of a young man who gives back the mobile phone that we carelessly left behind at the store, or a young girl who offers an old man her seat, the ladies’ seat, in a crowded bus. It is because of this very fact, that humanity is not an outdated concept, that people who have everything in life feel completely purposeless and useless until they donate time or money to some cause that could benefit the society. Many donate monetarily and the gesture is very noble. What people need, however, is not our money, but our time, which we struggle to save for ourselves. Here are some ways in which you could devote time to the society.
Giving Time To Help Society
Here is what you need to do if you wish to donate your time for helping the society:
Cause, Without Pause! 
Most of us have a special cause that we have a lot to talk about and wish to do something about – be it providing education for all, spreading awareness against diseases like AIDS or homeless aged men and women. The moment we think of such a cause, we feel fueled to get up and take things in our hands. Though we may scoff at the thought of any such idea, we secretly feel furious when we see someone kicking little puppy on the road. You have one such cause too, for sure. Ask yourself which cause you feel is worth your time, in which way you could help the society. There are many non-profit NGO’s that cater to various such causes. Find about them and enroll for a volunteer program with them.
Each One, Teach One 
Yes, we know that this statement was put in effect by the esteemed government of India, but it was to be used by everyone. Make this dream of the government of our great nation come true and enroll yourself as a volunteer teacher at any of the government run schools. Since you can decide the days and the timings when it comes to teaching in these schools, it could prove to be the best bet for you. There just may be a government school in your neighbourhood or an evening school meant for poor students who may not be able to afford an education.
Street Smart 
This option is for those who have been known all through their college days for their acting skills but did not have the patience to pursue a career in the film industry. There are many self-help groups that make use of street theatre troupes for disseminating information to the remote and rural areas, where television and internet cannot reach. These theatre groups stage plays and skits to help awareness for various causes from AIDS to education of the girl child to the ills of female infanticide. If travelling to remote areas is not an issue and you do not face issues of stage fright and such things, you will find this way of donating time for the society very soul satisfying.
Feed The Soul 
There are many religious organizations and other NGOs that cook and feed the poor one meal every week. They encourage volunteers to help in everything from chopping vegetables, kneading the dough for chapattis to cooking and serving the various people. Every Sikh shrine, the Gurudwara offers Langar or the free meal for everyone. This is an excellent way to contribute to the society, considering that even after close to seventy years of independence we haven’t found a way to eradicate hunger and poverty.

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