A backflip is an excellent athletic feat, which can be learned through constant practice and will. Read below to learn how to do a backflip. These tips would help you become a master in the same.

How To Do A Backflip

The best thumbs-up and the best celebratory dance a person can perform to show his victory is by doing a backflip. This immensely athletic feat has a cult following, with legions of admirers. A proper backflip never fails to attract attention and people instantly get attracted to the strength and agility of the performer. Backflip requires immense skill and practice, along with a sturdy physique. It is one of the toughest acrobatic feats and requires as much skill as grace. Most of us think that backflip can only be mastered by a lucky few. But this is not so, as once you cow down the fear of landing on your head, then with proper practice and technique, anyone can learn to do a backflip. With a backflip you can give your thumping fist and the ‘V’ sign a rest, and instead go on an acrobatic war dance. Not only will you manage to impress your friends and spectators, but you can also give a fitting tribute as the occasion demands it. Read the article below to learn how to do a back flip.
Doing A Backflip
  • Select a large room and clear it of any furniture. Don’t keep a single obstacle inside the room. Also, it is always better that the surface be soft, so don’t use the room if it has concrete floor. Throw in a soft mat so as to cover the floor. A backflip in the park or in the beach can also be a viable option.   
  • Do not just perform a backflip straightaway. Instead, start off by performing a couple of stretching exercises to warm up the muscles. Stretch the muscles of the back, neck, arms and legs.
  • In a backflip, tucking up the legs while in the air is very important. You will also have to lift the hips and rotate over your head. To get a right feel of the tuck up, lie down on the floor and stretch out the body with the arms stretched above by the ears. Now tuck the legs up and bring them over the head by raising the hips, while keeping the knees together and the toes pointed.
  • Place a stack of mattress behind you. Stand straight with your arms pointing straight above your head and the feet shoulder width apart. Swing the arms down and behind, while bending the knees. While swinging the arms, back up jump looking straight at the same time. Try to jump as high as you can, while tilting backwards, so that you fall back on the pile of mattress.
  • When you are at the pinnacle of the jump, roll over and use the arms to tuck the knees. Only when you tuck the knees can you do a backflip.
  • The main technique of a backflip is to swing the arms and jump hard, while rotating the hips over the head. Practice repeatedly, so that you are able to land with the knees slightly bent and the hips tucked under. You should also jump up and not back.  
  • To add more force to the jump, you can bend your knees to 90° and push hard with both the feet. You should also swing the arms far back and bring them up with force, so that the arms pull the body upward.
  • Try to land on the whole foot and not the toes. Practice till you can land in a near standing position.
  • Learn the timing when you should flip and land. This can only be done through numerous practices. Once you learn the proper technique of jumping, landing and making the flip, you can try it on firmer surfaces.

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