Are you finding it difficult to maintain your curly hair? If yes, explore this piece to learn how to cut curly hair.

How To Cut Curly Hair

A good haircut is nothing but a combination of good techniques and professional hands with a pair of scissors. Maintaining gorgeous locks is definitely not an easy task, especially for people with dense waves and curly hair. Though curls might provide you with a hep and appealing look, still, most women fret over their curly locks and long to get straight hair because it is easy to maintain and can be styled as and when required. Another aspect that goes against the popularity of curls is that it is difficult to give it a proper hair cut. Not all hair dressers know how to style and set curly hair because of its heavy and wavy nature, and not all people with curly hair know how to articulate their curls. Mentioned below are few essential tips on cutting curly hair that will help you make the right choice when it comes to choosing the haircut for your curly locks.

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Tips On Cutting Curly Hair

The Right Salon

It is not a rare sight to see many women regretting their visit to a hair salon. Most hairdressers don’t have proper knowledge about haircutting techniques for curly hair types. Most of the times they tend to make the mistake of cutting curly hair as though there were dealing with straight hair. Therefore, in order to avoid such situations, you should choose a hair salon with professional hairdressers. It is important on your part to choose the right salon for a haircut for your curly hair.

Decide On The Hair Cut

Once you have decided to go to a particular salon to get your hair cut, it is time for you to decide the hair style you want to get. Make sure to ask a specialist before choosing your curly hair cut, and also decide on the length that you want your hair to be. It is not a smart idea to experiment with a straight hair do on curly hair. Curly hair looks longer when wet and when blow-dried straight.

Check The Hair Texture

It is important on your part to decide how long or short you want your hair to be. If you have a short haircut then a delicate wavy hairdo will look gorgeous, while multi-layered cuts will look good on bigger curls. The amount of hair layering should be decided based on your hair volume.

Other Important Tips

  • The best time to go for a haircut for wavy hair is when it is dry. Curly hair is different when it is wet and it is not a good idea to get your hair cut when it is wet. Curly hair comes to life when it is dry; therefore, working with curly hair when it is dry is the key to deal with it properly.
  • Avoid getting blunt cuts that stretch your hair to an unnatural state making it too short when it dries. Therefore, getting a blunt and uniform cut throughout is just not practical for a person with curly hair.
  • Make sure that you cut just before the crown of each curl. It is not wise to cut midway through the curls which will give your hair very frizzy and uneven look.
  • It is sensible to cut the top front part of your curls at the end. Also make sure not to cut too much of the hair from this portion, because the curls here are the shortest and most fragile.
  • Avoid layering your curls overly because it will make it look bigger. This will give a one length all round appearance to your hair and will take away your hair definition.
  • It is not a good idea to thin out fine curly hair. It is the heavy texture of curls that provides definition to your hair and thinning it down will steal your hair of its quality.
  • Make sure not to use a razor to cut curly hair. Razors can cause badly frayed ends and it will not make your hair look good once cut.
It is a mixed bag of blessings for people with curly hair. They always face tight spots when deciding to stick to their unique, unusual looks or to opt for the simple and usual straight smooth cut. It is, therefore, essential to take time to research and then decide upon the type of hair cut you want for your curly hair.

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