If you are an outdoor sport lover then to keep yourself hydrated you need to know, how to choose the right hydration pack for you.

How To Choose The Right Hydration Pack

If you want to go mountain biking or rock climbing; explore the jungles on foot or just want to go on your regular jogging regimen then you should put on the right shoes and keep yourself properly hydrated. But, it is time we said goodbye to the conventional water bottles to meet the hydration needs while indulging in outdoor sport activities, for hydration packs are the things to stay. A hydration pack is a hydration system which has a built-in flexible reservoir that stores water and is fitted with a tube which brings water directly to mouth. Useful as it minimizes the effort and really convenient especially while skiing or cycling. These however, not only tend to the basic needs of storing water but are also convenient to carry other stuff along with it. These are multi-utility accessories which have become quite popular with the athletes, and are slowly making their way into the regulars. But choosing one can be quite confusing so let us help you out here.
Choosing the Right Hydration Pack
Don’t Think Just Choose
Yes, this probably can be the wisest way to choose a hydration pack for yourself, as the more samples you will go through the more confused you will be. At the end of the day choosing a hydration pack is that easy. There are a number of options available in the market which come with some additional storage space, where you can put stuff which you will need during the chosen outdoor activity. So when you go out shopping keep this factor in mind.
So, What’s Your Game?
Well, this should be the first thing in your mind; which outdoor activity you are indulging yourself in? Yes, this is the prime factor you should consider before making a choice. This is important because you need to balance between the bulk you will be carrying with the course you choose for yourself. For example, if you want to go hiking then you shouldn’t pick a big hydration pack. Rather, you should go for a small one as it will be easier to carry and you won’t really need much stuff to carry. But, if you want to go cycling then you can choose to carry a big one as you will need a lot of space, for even a spare tube maybe?
Tank-Size Is All That Matters
It also comes down to the size of the tank, as you don’t want to carry a bulk for miles just because you bought an extra-large hydration pack. So, think of the tank capacity you really need and yes, here, it isn’t the bigger the better. But, it will be a tragedy if you are left dehydrated because of the fact that you chose to buy a small hydration pack. So, be really specific while choosing a hydration pack, think of the activity you are involving yourself in, think of the weather conditions, and think of the distance between the refill points etc. Then make a choice depending upon all these factors. If you are going skiing then getting a hydration pack with insulated lining will be a better option.
Size It Down
Another important thing which you should consider while choosing a hydration pack is the storage space apart from the tank space. This is important because if you are a light hiker then you probably won’t need many items to be carried. But if you plan to travel overnight then you will be carrying a lot more stuff with you. To accommodate these items, you will need a lot more space inside your backpack and hence, will need a bigger hydration pack. If by any chance you need a hydration pack for winter sports then you will need a lot of space to accommodate the warm clothes.
Do you Sip or Bite?
This refers to the type of mouthpieces modern day hydration packs come with. There are a few mouth pieces from which the water can be sucked directly but there are still others that are designed to prevent water from spilling and these, come with a biting function. One needs to bite into the mouthpiece to release water. Tubes also play a vital role in making a choice while shopping for a hydration pack. Hence, the tube should be flexible enough to reach your mouth with minimal effort when you are thirsty, especially if you are engrossing yourself up in a sport where your hands are not free, for e.g. cycling.
Apart from paying attention to the weight and size of the bag, you should also keep in mind that the hydration pack fits you snugly. Adding to it, you should know that there are hydration packs which are specifically designed to fit men, women and kids. Moreover, the tubes should be easily accessible. To help with that, nowadays, there are clips available with the hydration packs which keep the tube in correct position. Concentrate solely on comfort and keep in mind to buy packs which come with padded shoulders and adjustable straps options. A number of packs come with detachable reservoirs which are quite comfortable when it comes to cleaning.
These are some of the few basic things that are to be kept in mind when shopping for a hydration pack. Happy shopping and happy hydrating!

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