Lip plumper is a cosmetic product used for enhancing the pout. Buying the best lip plumper can go a long way in helping you get that perfect pout. Explore tips on how to choose the best lip plumper.

How To Choose The Best Lip Plumper

Lip plumper is a beauty product that is used for the purpose of making your lips appear fuller. Most of the women on this planet desire to have the glamorous appeal of a plumper and fuller pout, quite similar to that of Hollywood star Angelina Jolie. A fuller pout is the most admired, most desired and most famous facial feature that every woman wants, to look beautiful. In fact, a full kissable pout is the dream of every woman on this earth. Now, there are several ways of getting a fuller pout. For instance, to get a fuller pout permanent, you can always go for liposuction, a painful, surgical process.
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There are several temporary ways of enhancing your pout as well, of which one includes making the use of a lip plumper. Lip plumper is one of the cosmetic products present in market that can enhance your pout without inducing pain. One of the main ingredients found in the product is peptides. Peptides get absorbed into the dermal matrix of the lips and help bring out the perfect pout. Now, in case you are planning to use the product, be aware that there are several points to keep in mind while choosing the best one. For instance, one should always buy a plumper that contains healthy ingredients. To know some more tips on how to choose the best lip plumper, follow this article.
Buying The Best Lip Plumper
  • A lip plumper is available in different shades, to match the wearer’s preference or makeup style. Make sure to go for one that goes with your skin tone and the type of makeup that you generally wear.
  • Choose a lip plumper in lighter shades, as it maximizes the plumping effect and enhances your overall look.
  • While buying a lip plumper, make sure that it does not have niacin, ginger root extract, peppermint oil and cinnamon leaf oil. This is because all of them can all contribute to dryness and irritation in lips. Though they might give short-term results, there will be numerous negative effects in the end.
  • Always choose a plumper that moisturizes your lips and does not dry them out.  It will help prevent the peeling of your lips and give you a proper pout.
  • Try to go for a plumper with cinnamon, jojoba, peptides, camphor, menthol, l-arginine or Vitamin B. It will increase the blood circulation in your lips, giving an impression of fuller pout.
  • While buying a lip plumper, look for like vitamin E in its ingredients. The vitamin nourishes the lips and preventes them from peeling and chapping.
  • Ingredients like ceramide and candelilla and Retinols like retinaldehyde play a vital role in enhancing the beauty of the lip. So, try to go for a lip plumper that has a few or even all of them.
Lip Care Tips
  • Never lick your lips, as it makes them prone to dryness.
  • Eat plenty of green veggies and fruits. Gorge on foods rich in vitamins, as they save lips from dryness and chapping.
  • Apply lip balm in winters and keep your lips moisturized at all times. Lips will look beautiful and attractive only if they are healthy.
  • Exfoliating the lips regularly removes dead cells and helps generate soft skin. This will help in maintaining the smooth texture of the lips.

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