Taking care of your books is very important to maintain their quality and worth. Go through the tips given here, to know how to care for your books and take pride in your collection.

How To Care For Your Books

Collecting books, journals, novels and biographies are a passion and obsession of many people all over the world. For many individuals, their books are like treasured articles, without which they can’t even imagine how to sustain and survive. In fact, almost everyone has his/her own collection of books and novels, which he/she is very close to. Some people even preserve books from their childhood, which are like priced possessions for them. However, proper care and regular maintenance of such collections is very important, if you want to keep them in a good condition. Very often, books are subjected to improper handling, insects, dusts, food stains, water spillage, harsh lights, and so on. All these factors cause them extensive damage, rendering them improper for further use. Get to know some useful tips on how to care for your books and preserve your valuable collection, with the lines below.
Tips For Taking Care Of Your Books
Keep Away From Adverse Environment & Humidity
Adverse temperature conditions and humidity often causes development of molds, small brown spots called foxing, the damp and clammy smell of mildew, curled pages and so on, in books. Temperature fluctuations also induce the growth and accumulation of insects within the pages. Moreover, with higher temperature and moisture, the rate of books turning acidic over time increases. Thus, it is seen that adverse environmental conditions causes profound damage to books.
To avoid the harsh effect of environment and humidity over books, try to place them in areas where an optimal temperature is maintained. The ideal temperature for storing books is around 68° F, with a relative humidity of about 50%. The best option to maintain this optimal state is an air-conditioner. You can also make use of a dehumidifier, if you want to keep the humidity levels under control. A natural way to take care of this condition is by allowing ample of air and sunlight to enter into the room, where the books are being kept.
Protect From Grime & Light
Although light helps prevent the development of moisture over books, excessive exposure of books to the ultraviolet rays can lead to permanent fading of the leather or cloth jacket that is used to cover or bind them. In fact, there can be such drastic transformations that the color blue may change to dull green, red to brown. and so on. Dust and grime also takes its toll on books. To avoid this, wipe the books regularly, using a soft towel or napkin. Also, keep the shutters of the window closed and avoid the direct exposure of books to sunlight.
Safety From Water, Pests & Rodents
To avoid books from getting damaged and spoilt by water, keep the storage area dry and away from the windows, especially during the rainy season. Pests and rodents can also be quite a menace to your book collection and cause irreparable damage. You need to keep the books in an air-conditioned room, away from food particles and garbage storing areas. You can further check with an entomologist, if you want a permanent solution to such problems.
Avoid Photocopying Books
Many of us are not aware of the fact that photocopying has a direct impact on the quality of the books and can damage them to a great extent. In case you can’t avoid the same, always try to avoid pressing on the spine of the books while photocopying. This is especially true for heavy and large books.
Don’t Indulge In Improper Handling
Many a times, knowingly or unknowingly, we tend to handle books in an improper manner. Some people even have the habit of scribbling over the pages. Also, turning the pages of the books with wet and moist hands tend to weaken them. So, always make sure that your hands are clean and dry, before handling the pages of a book.

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