For all those who haven’t started tweeting yet and wish to start soon, here’s about how twitter works.

How Does Twitter Work

When we hear someone say that the world has shrunk, we are almost sure he/she means it in the context of the internet revolution. With the advent of social networking sites on the internet, people can stay in touch with friends, colleagues or members of extended family, or to get to know people from their professional fields, and so on. Such social networking sites have become an inescapable part of our lives; so much so that, the moment we enter our workplaces, we log into one or more of the social networking sites, sometimes unconsciously so! The latest addition to the ever-increasing list of social networking sites is Twitter. The who’s who of the Indian media, cinema and even the political scene were among the first ones to have lapped it up. All of them regularly ‘tweet’ or text messages consisting of 140-odd characters or so, mostly written in abbreviated texting or SMS lingo, that has become increasing popular in the last decade. However, many of us are uninitiated into the ‘twitter-ization’ process, who may not even how twitter works. Read more to know about how twitter works and how to go about it.
What Is Twitter And How Does It Work 

What Is Twitter?
It is considered a major platform for micro-blogging – which uses text messaging to let people know what they are thinking or doing at a given time. When you choose to follow another user of twitter, you will be able to see his/her ‘tweets’ on your page. Similarly, if a twitter user chooses to follow you, she/he will be able to see your tweets. 

Log In!
If you are the uninitiated, it may do you good to know that you can access the Twitter interface from its website - Once you have logged in, Twitter will allow you to - search for people and topics that you may be interested in, edit your profile, know what your friends are saying and so on. 

Twitter On Desktop 
It is actually quite easy to download the software that allows us to use twitter on our desktop. The best part about accessing twitter from your desktop is that it is easy to receive updates about what your friends are posting and one may even get the alerts to the latest tweets by friends in the form of audio alerts. However, make sure this doesn’t happen in the workplace as this could lead to decreased productivity levels.
Tweeting On Phone 
Cellular Phones could also be used to access Twitter, which alone speaks for the popularity levels that it has reached in the field of social networking sites. Twitter has provision to send you alerts on your phone about what your friends are saying, in the form of text messages.

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