Gothenburg is an important city in Sweden and offers many interesting tourist attractions. Check out the places to see and things to do in Gothenburg.

Gothenburg Attractions

Location: Sweden
Language: Swedish
Best Time to Visit: May to September
Time Zone: UTC+1/+2
Driving Side: Right Side
Main Attractions: Kungsportsavenyn, Göteborg Botanical Garden, The Röhss Museum, Slottsskogen, Universeum, Gothenburg Museum of Art, Göteborgs Konsthall
Gothenburg is a city located on the western coast of Sweden. It is the second largest city in Sweden, after Stockholm. The city of Gothenburg was founded in 1621, by King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden. It is the largest sea port of the Nordic countries, being situated at the mouth of Göta Älv River, which crosses it. Moreover, the city comprises of a large student population, which is owing to the presence of University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology. Thus, the city offers a number of tourist attractions for the visitors. To know more about the things to do and places to see in Gothenburg, read on.
There are a number of significant buildings to be seen in the city of Gothenburg. Kungsportsavenyn is the main street in the city, which stretches for about one kilometer. Göteborg Botanical Garden is considered to be one of the most important botanical gardens in Europe, with three stars in the French Guide Rouge. Gothenburg's largest park, Slottsskogen, is also located in the vicinity of the garden. It is also home to the city's oldest observatory. There is also a science discovery centre named Universeum located here, which is quite interesting for children.
There are a number of museums in the city. The art lovers can have a spree and get an insight into the cultural and historical past of the place. Some of the worth visiting museums include the Gothenburg Museum of Art, which is known for its rich collection of Nordic art, belonging to the 19th century. Göteborgs Konsthall is a center for contemporary art, which exhibits both Swedish as well as international art forms. Röhss Museum is based on drugs and applied art. Besides, there are several others museums on sea and navigation history, natural history, sciences and East India. The Museum of World Culture was also inaugurated here in 2004.
Gothenburg has a plethora of entertainment options available for its visitors. The biggest entertainment hotspot is the centrally located amusement park named Liseberg. It is Scandinavia's largest amusement park, in terms of rides, and is frequented by a large number of visitors every year. Apart from this, there are many theaters in the city, like Gothenburg City Theatre, Backa Theatre (youth theatre) and Folkteatern, which will provide quality entertainment to satisfy you completely. You can even enjoy shopping at Nordstan, which is the biggest shopping complex in entire Scandinavia.
When in Gothenburg, do not forget to try out some exotic fish dishes out here, as it is located near the sea. In effect, a number of fish restaurants can be seen dotting the city. You can make your choice between low class shacks and world-class eateries, depending on your tastes and pocket. Moreover, the culinary specialty of the restaurants in Gothenburg can be attributed to the fact that many of them have been internationally recognized for their efforts. You will also find that many renowned chefs residing in the city of Gothenburg make dining an unforgettable experience for you.

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