Build a rock-solid physique as you experiment with the popular yet challenging deadlift technique. Check out this article to be familiar with the benefits and techniques of the deadlift.

Deadlift Technique

Every part of the human body must be treated with the respect it commands. If we fail to do so, we must embrace ourselves for an excruciatingly painful and difficult life. Deadlift is the popular exercise technique that helps build back strength, while pumping up the forearms and legs. By proper execution of deadlifts, you will be predisposed to maintain rigidity of your lower back against a load. However, poor execution of deadlifts might trigger a downward spiral in your fitness aspirations as risks of spinal disc injuries like hernias are doubled. Do yourself a favor and identify your body’s capacity for heavy loads. Overestimating your abilities may lead to irreparable damage to the erector spinae, especially when leg muscles are unable to support the strain of the exercise. Always resort to lifting light weight as opposed to lifting heavy when in bad form! Learn more about the deadlift techniques as this article touches upon its benefits, a few good examples and more.
Deadlift Technique & Benefits
The Standard Deadlift Technique
If you do mange to perform a flawless deadlift, you will soon realize that you are utilizing more muscles in the body than any other weight lifting exercise. To evade all perilous health consequences, ensure that your back and arm are straight throughout the movement. In a deadlift, the barbell is pulled from the floor until the body is fully extended. One typically performs the deadlift by holding the barbell with both hands (wider than shoulder width apart) and raising it to the chest.
You can use either the overhand or mixed hand grip. Push from your heels and don’t pull by exerting your lower back. Bring your hips forward and contract your shoulder blades when you lift. As you get used to deadlifting, load the bar with more weight and pick it up off the ground ensuring that your back is straight. Minimize stress on the lower back by keeping your abs tight and squat down so that your thighs are parallel to the floor.
  • Deadlifts help you develop your legs and build more muscle strength in the forearm region. Moreover, deadlifts enhance the ablity of your lower back to endure more weight. Since you are instructed to keep your back straight while the weight of the barbell torments you to bend it, you are exercising the muscles of your lower back.
  • When you bring your hip forward, you are simultaneously strengthening your hamstrings & glutes. Also, as you resist the relentless urge to bend your knees, you are enhancing the potency of your quadriceps.
  • You can replace the mundane task of squats with exciting deadlifts. 
  • When you grip the barbell with utmost vigor to prevent it from dropping from your hands, you are enhancing the power of your grip and building stronger forearms.
  • The high intensity nature of a deadlift coerces your body to secrete towering quantities of powerful anabolic substances such as testosterone and other growth hormones.
Sumo Deadlift Technique
The sumo deadlift is an interesting and simple variation of the conventional deadlift.  Here, a sumo deadlifting enthusiast spreads his/her legs away from one another and lowers his/her arms straight down to the legs. You most certainly have taken notice of the epicstance of a sumo wrestler. Well, while performing this exercise, you are supposed to imitate that very same stance. In this case, instead of the back, more emphasis is laid on the legs and glutes. The rest of the exercise proceeds like the normal deadlift exercise does!
Straight Leg Deadlift Technique
Many identify this exercise as the stiff legged deadlift technique; a few others prefer referring to it as the Romanian deadlift technique. To perform this exercise, stand straight while the barbell hangs right in front of you. Your knees should be locked. Now, very slowly bend forward from the waist. Ensure that you have maintained the straight position of your back and that your face doesn’t shift focus. Stop bending once your torso and the floor are parallel to one another. Then you can gradually return to your old position and repeat the exercise.
  • If you lack the strength to use 20kg plates, you can do deadlifts without them!
  • Curl your toes up to automatically transfer the weight on your heels.
  • Always start your deadlifts with the bar at mid-shin level. 
  • Wear shoes with hard soles. Even going barefoot is acceptable.
  • Never look down as this makes your back round, while looking up hurts your neck.
  • Squeeze your glutes hard to prevent pulling with the lower back.
Hope this article helped clear any queries you might’ve once held with regards to the deadlift technique. Good Luck!

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