Did you know that chewing gum actually helps reduce stress? And do you know that there are many other benefits attached to chewing gum? This article brings forth all of them to you.

Chewing Gum Benefits

It must have happened many times, your friend and you indulge in a puff in the lunch break. And as soon as the two of you are done with it, you tear open a wrapper and pop in some juicy delight to ward off the pungent smell. But have you ever wondered that there is more to chomping a gum than just using it to fend off the smell? Probably you didn’t bother about that until you came across this article, isn’t it? Chewing gums have been around for more than 9000 years now. The first commercial chewing gum was sold in US in 1800’s and first sweetened chewing gum came after fifty years. Thereafter, there has been no turning back for it. Today, chewing gum is the most used candy in the world. It is made of gum bases, softeners, flavors and colors. The popular gum bases are chicle, mastiche and rubber. Chewing gum has a lot of benefits attached to it, other than using it to make a bubble and popping it aloud to disturb your friend. In case you come across a person who says that by chewing a gum you can manage your weight, don’t laugh at him, for he is absolutely right. Lower those raised eyebrows of yours and read on to know a few more common chewing gum benefits.
Benefits Of Chewing Gum
Enhances Memory
Yes, you heard it right! And we aren’t just saying it for the sake of saying for it has a scientific explanation behind it. It has been proved that chewing gum increases cognitive powers. The act of chewing involves an increase in the glucose level of the body, which, in turn, acts as a fuel for both the mind and the body. Chewing gum increases the blood flow to the brain. The act of chewing increases the heart activity, which consequently increases the flow of blood and oxygen. So the next time if you are chewing gum during your exams and get good marks, give some credit to your gum.
Managing Weight
If you are worried about the sugar content of chewing gum, you should try the sugar-free variants. And if you weren’t aware, you better note down that chewing gum can really help you manage your wait. The logic is simple; you burn 11 calories per hour while chewing. Gums are inexpensive snacks and keep you busy. They suppress your appetite and prevent you from taking any high calorie stuff. So, the next time you are stuck somewhere and feeling hungry, just pop in a chewing gum.
Reduces Stress
You must have seen students chewing pages of their books in anxiety before exams. Or perhaps you must have seen people biting their nails in nervousness. They do that unconsciously to ease off their stress. Similarly, chewing gums releases nervous energy and relaxes you. Chewing is a physical activity that channels your frustrations and stress. The more you chew, the less stressed out your feel. Also, since chewing gum infuses the glucose level in the body, it helps the body relax.  
Improves Oral Health
This is scientifically proven fact that chewing a gum increases the saliva level of the body, which is believed to be good for oral cavity. It also flushes out sugars, food debris and other decaying materials from teeth. Sugar-free chewing gums prevent tooth decay and enhance antimicrobial effect in the mouth. It freshens up the breath, whitens the teeth and ultimately makes you feel good.
Enhances Digestion
It increases the level of saliva, which is very important for digestion. Chewing gums also help in intestinal motility, consequently helping in digestion.
Other Benefits
Chewing a gum is the best time pass that one can indulge in. This probably needs no explanation, for everyone knows this fact very well. What could be your best aid while traveling or standing in a long queue? Chewing gum relaxes you and helps you in easing off. Chewing gum also helps you stay focused and prevents you from dizziness. You can also use chewing gums to snub the butt.
Now as you know the benefits of chewing gum, don’t forget to carry some in your pockets!

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