Canon Power Shot A720IS available in India is a powerful digital camera that gives stellar performance. Check out the features & specifications of Canon PowerShot A720 IS.

Canon PowerShot A720IS

The Canon Powershot A720IS is a digital camera that has many useful and handy features. It qualifies as one of the really good cameras that have high end features that are actually useful that just a show-off. There are extensive manual options that you can actually use and control and click good pictures. You get to exercise full control over features like shutter speed, focus, aperture, flash power and operation, metering, AF zones, image sharpness/contrast/saturation, drive mode and image stabilization. Though the zooming may not seem adequate, the Canon Powershot A720IS definitely scores brownie points.
Canon PowerShot A720IS
Features of Canon PowerShot A720 IS
The design and styling of the camera makes you think that it is a range-finder camera with its slightly boxy rather than slim look. But this is what makes it comfortable to hold and shoot. The camera has an optical viewfinder, which is a rarity these days, regarding the fact that cameras are getting sleeker and LCD screens are getting larger. The 115K pixel display is rich and you can see most of the details on the LCD screen. The image stabilization feature makes it easy to shoot in low shutter speeds when your hand naturally shakes while clicking and makes the shot blurry.
The camera provides an excellent opportunity for those who want to try their hand at macro photography. The Canon Power Shot A720 IS gives out some really excellent macro shots, more so when you are shooting something red, like a rose. Another shot that gives you exceptional color details is one taken at beaches. The blue, white and brown are absolutely rich and give the feeling of one of those rare ‘perfect’ shots that you click. There is no inbuilt memory and you can use a card of around 512 MB that can store around 140 images and a five minute video. There are many auto-focus options in the camera that help you take good quality pictures with all functions set at normal mode. This camera is definitely worth buying for all those who want a decent digi-cam with great features and affordable price tag.
Technical Specifications of Canon PowerShot A720 IS 
  • 6x Zoom Lens (35-210mm 35mm equivalent)
  • 2.5 inch LCD with 115,000 Pixels
  • 8MP CMOS Sensor
  • Exposure Compensation +/- 2 stops in 1/3 stop steps
  • Flash Exposure Control +/2, 2 stops in 1/3 stop steps
  • ISO Settings from 80 to 1600
  • Manual Exposure Mode
  • Manual Flash Power Control (3 steps)
  • Manual Focus Mode
  • Optical Stabilization System
  • Shutter Speeds from 15s to 1/2000s
  • TV/AV Exposure Mode

Canon PowerShot A720IS  
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