The Samsung L83T is a slim and sleek digital camera that is perfect for all who love to click at every given opportunity.

Samsung L83T Camera

Want a camera that not just takes good pictures but is sleek enough to fit in your jeans pocket? Then the Samsung L83T is the perfect choice for you. This camera boasts of features like 8.2 mega-pixels, Face recognition AF, Image stabilizer, metal body, up to 1cm macro and a high ISO of 1600. The camera is quite lightweight and has the lens placed at the top corner. The top of the camera also has the Power button, Shutter release and Face detection functions. The clear 2.5 inch screen of the camera is located the back towards the left, while the functional buttons are on the right.
Samsung L83T Camera
The Mode Button allows you to change between different modes like Auto, Program, Movies and Anti-Shake. The Scene mode provides 14 pre-set options of Night-scene, Portrait, Children, Landscape, Macro, Text, Sunset, Dawn, Backlight, Fireworks, Beach & snow, Self shot, Food and Café. You can also change the effects and convert the photo into Black & white, Sepia, Red, Green, Blue and Negative in Auto mode. The playback button and the function button are located at the back of the camera and are placed below the navigation pad.
The camera does not compromise on style and definitely looks sleek. The Power button has a soft blue light around which lights up when it is on. The lens cover is absolutely sleek and smooth and hardly creates a tiny snap when closed and opened. Though the camera is thin and sleek, handling it is a bit of a problem and may seem uncomfortable to many. The placement of the hand over the buttons is perfect and you can easily perform the functions with light pressing. The Samsung L 83T is powered with a Lithium-Ion type battery and is located underneath the camera, where the SD card is also placed.
The camera gives a pretty good performance. The photos taken in Macro mode give a very clear picture and look classic. The exposure and contrast of colors is also quite sharp and detailed and one can zoom upto 3x optical. There was some glaring when a picture of the sky was taken and the image turn up a bit hazy. The images however are quite sharp and do not look fringed. The wide angle is also quite satisfactory and gives a pretty good picture. Overall, this camera is quite good for all those who love to have a sleek one in their bags while traveling or clicking on special occasions.
Technical Specifications 
  • 2.5” LCD screen
  • 3x Optical zoom
  • 8.2 Mega pixels
  • Advanced movie mode (SGVA)
  • Advanced Shake Reduction (ASR)
  • Face Recognition
  • ISO 1600
  • Light weight aluminum body
  • Motion Timer Function
  • Red Eye Fix
  • Unique multi-charging system

Samsung L83T Camera  
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