Making a bridesmaid wedding speech can be a hard task. Read through this article for a few tips on how to make a good bridesmaid speech.

Bridesmaid Wedding Speech

Making speeches can be a hard task, more so when the speech has to be made on the most important day of two people’s lives and in front of relatives and friends. Now that the elaborate details such as the dress, flowers and positions have been finalized, it’s time to get ready for the big day. Being the most important day in the lives of the couple, you need to make a speech that is both engaging and memorable. What is most important however is to speak from your heart, but you should also be able to make it humorous so that all the guests present can enjoy your speech as well. From your speech, the guests should be able to make out how close you are to the couple and how happy you are for them. Often, speeches at weddings are spontaneous and impromptu. Nonetheless, in order to make the perfect speech, there are a few points you will have to bear in mind. Below are a few pointers to help get you started on your speech. Read on.
Bridesmaid Wedding Speech Ideas
  • Share stories about how long you’ve known the bride for. Nonetheless, make sure they don’t go on for too long.
  • Try and bring humor in the speech.
  • Share an embarrassing moment you and the bride have shared. However, you should take into consideration that some stories can’t be shared publicly. So make sure you choose an appropriate one.
  • Comment on how good the couple look together. Pay more attention to the bride since it’s her special day.
  • Share your first experience of meeting the groom. You can also share the bride’s first impression of the groom.
  • Poke a little good natured fun at the bride’s expense.
  • Jokingly mention the groom’s most obvious quirk that the bride has to now live with.
  • If you are close to the families of the couple, mention how a good family is a source of strength to the new couple.
  • A few words of advice to the couple are good, but you should avoid making it sound preachy. Give them practical advice as a close friend would. Here would be a good time to introduce a few common known anecdotes about love that will break the seriousness of the moment. It is good to know the type of background the couple come from, that way you can offer inspiration in the form of religious quotes or something that the couple can relate to.
  • Speak on behalf of all the bridesmaids and best men and thank the couple for choosing them to be a part of their special day.
  • Don’t forget to give a warm thank you mention to all the guests at the wedding.
  • And finally, sign off by wishing the couple a happy future together with luck, success, happiness and perhaps a few babies!

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