Here comes the bridal splendour with the attire and accessories! But have you left out the hair? Well, check out the following wedding accessories for the hair to get that perfect bridal look!

Bridal Hair Accessories

Be it Indian or a Westerner, if you are a bride then you’re the most important person on this day! And this perfect day only gets better if you look your best. This can be done with – make up, your wedding attire and your accessories. But the one thing that can act like a crown to your beauty is your hair. And all the embellishments that you adorn on your hair complete the princess look that you want for your wedding. The world may differ with respect to traditions but the transition of a plain Jane into a splendid is worth the watch everywhere in the world. Paying attention to details with regard to accessorizing yourself only make you look more radiant and out of the ordinary. It might seem like a very trivial thing to decorate your hair but the effect that it will have on your overall look will leave you spellbound. Read on for a variety of hair accessories to suit whatever kind of wedding that you are having.
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Wedding Accessories For Hair

Western – Christian Weddings

  • A theme in your wedding is as essential as what you’re wearing.
  • For example; a vintage theme can make you wear hair brooches or birdcage veils. You can get a little more adventurous and attach a peacock feather or some fun mini birdcages.
  • Flowers, real or fake portray a very retro yet classy look to the bride. But, if you are mixing a retro with a little bit of modern, attach some hair clips bearing stones on them!
  • Other than vintage themes, handmade silk combs would bring out the colour in your eyes and hair. It looks more traditional and can be customized according to a person’s needs. It is usually placed at the side or back of the head for that extra oomph.
  • If it is a beach wedding, then you would love to beautify yourself further with some real flowers or, if not, some flowers made of ivory and pearl. It would be a pretty sight to see accessories such as a starfish pin or some freshwater peals that can be symbolic of the sea!
  • If your hair is elaborately done, then go in for some minimal hair accessories such a simple tiara or if it just left open then you could adorn it with some jeweled pins.
  • Other accessories could include headbands made of crystals, veils, pearls, and extensions. 

Indian Weddings

  • Traditional Indian brides adorn the hair very little as compared to their Western counterparts because the overall attire is always rather heavy and well decorated. Also, usually in an Indian wedding the head is covered with a part of the sari and hence all the ornaments are hardly seen.
  • Diamonds look beautiful on an Indian wedding attire esp., the ones engraved within a gold ornament.
  • Lace motifs and pearl headgears also look very good when worn the right way.
  • Shorter hairdos would look good with combs and not too much decoration. But longer hairdos can do with some sterling prongs. They look beautiful and are available in varying thickness depending on the type of hair you have. Most importantly, they are lightweight.
  • Silver and diamond hair sticks are also in fashion and they add a dash of shine to your head and look excellent in the photographs too.
  • Brooches are commonly worn by most Indian women, because they can be decorated with multiple stones and materials.

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