Brahmi can be rightly called as the wonder herb that relaxes and de-stresses you. Here are some benefits of brahmi that make it the most potent cure for the problems of the human mind.

Brahmi Benefits

Sushrutha in 600 BC spoke of its uses in the Sushrutha Samhitha. Ever since those ancient times there isn’t a physician who hasn’t sung laurels of this wonder herb. “Brahmi” derived from the Sanskrit word “Brahma”; a derivative of the name of Lord Brahma, is one of the most powerful medicinal herbs available in India. It is also popularly known as the “herb of grace”. Brahmi is a small creeping herb with numerous branches. It grows up-to 3 feet in height and has beautiful white-purple flowers. It is a rather unimpressive looking herb, for something of that immense value. Brahmi is a little partial to marshy areas and is mainly found there. It is usually taken in, in the form of a powder or a tonic. It also is one of the ingredients in various Ayurvedic medicines. The famous “chyawanprash” that your granny forced down your throat, even after you made sickening faces also has brahmi as one of its major ingredients. Here are some of the benefits of brahmi that are sure to be a solution to some of your common woes. 
Benefits Of Brahmi 
  • Suffer from a goldfish memory? Never mind the regular stuff people forget, but if retaining the simplest things like if you ate breakfast or not is a strain on your memory, often forcing you to do the same tasks over and over again, then brahmi is the perfect solution to your problem. Brahmi is a memory enhancer consuming which will erase all your memory problems. It increases the protein movement in the brain, thereby increasing mental alertness. It keeps the mind young and active.
  • “ Relax” you say that to yourself more then 25 times in a day but however hard you try, you always seem to get stressed out. Chew on some brahmi powder as you work relentlessly on that last minute presentation or that technical glitch you just can’t seem to figure out. Brahmi helps you relax instantly and chances are that you will be able to perform the task at hand stress free. Brahmi acts as a tranquilizer for the brain, and is consumed as a brain tonic.
  • Brahmi apart from regular stress is also used to treat hypertension and depression. It is one of the natural ways of treating any major mental ailment.
  • Do your five year old suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder? Is he/she hyperactive with low attention spans and impulsively reacts to circumstances, sometimes nearly on the verge of violence? ADHD is a terrible disorder that affects 3 to 5% of the kid’s worldwide. If you are an ADHD parent and are looking for a more natural way of combating it, then you can give your child brahmi. Brahmi can also be used as a preventive measure against ADHD.
  • Trouble sleeping in the night? Your head seems cluttered with so many mundane thoughts that even managing a wink feels impossible. You have tried popping those pills too, but lately even they seemed to have stopped working. Try brahmi with a glass of milk every night. Brahmi will help you relax and rock you to some much-needed sleep. It is one of the best medicines for insomnia.
  • Brahmi is also used to cure menstrual problems, if you have menstrual pain then brahmi helps reduce the pain.
  • Brahmi oil can also be used to combat all your hair woes, it cures hair loss and dandruff problem. It has antioxidant properties that help in the proper nourishment of the roots and thus promote their growth. The oil also prevents split ends and discoloration of the hair.
  • Brahmi is also used to cure epilepsy. It helps reduce the frequency of seizures. It is the juice of the plant that is used along with vacha oil as the medicine in curing epilepsy.

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