Do you fancy bowling? If yes, then becoming at pro at this sport should be on your wish list. Go through the article and get information on the basic rules and regulations for bowling.

Bowling Rules

Ah, the fine art of bowling! And even finer is the experience of winning those bowling bets and being called the “Bowling Maestro” among friends. Such are the simple pleasures of life. But to get the true picture of these pleasures and for that ‘Maestro’ tag, you must know the basic niceties of the sport. Knocking down the pins is really important, but you can’t expect to win if you use your toes, instead of the ball to knock them down. And did you know to score a strike you need to bowl from a particular distance? Apart from that, there also happens to be a foul line and certain other rules that you must adhere to before you go pin-killing. Here are the basic rules & regulations that you need to follow while you are off for knocking those pins down.
Bowling Game Rules
Bowling Etiquette
Most people do not have any idea about the bowling etiquette. You can’t just reach the alley, throw a ball and say that you bowled. There are some basic rules that needs to be followed.
  • One should never bowl at the same time that the person in the next lane bowls.
  • You must always let the person in your left lane to go first. You must start first only when your left lane is either empty or done.
  • In case you are playing in doubles, make sure you give your partner a chance. The best would be to play turn wise that is you take the two chances of the first frame, then allow him/her to take the next two of the second frame or vice versa.
  • Let your opponent finish his/her frame before plunging on the alley. Lest that you would wish is to strike an X, only to realize it was your opponent’s chance.
Holding the Ball
Bowling balls have a coconut-ish look to them. The holes on these balls make a triangle of sorts on the surface. Perfecting your way of holding the ball is a must if you want to play right. Place your middle finger and ring finger in top two holes, while inserting your thumb into the third hole. Since the balls used in the game are heavy, make sure you get hold of one that you can easily carry, lest you drop the ball on the floor and hit someone’s foot.
Game Rules
  • A game of tenpin bowling is spread over 10 rounds, called frames, per player.
  • In each round or frame, you get upto 2 chances to knock over the pins.
  • If all the pins are knocked down in the first throw, then it is called a ‘strike’ and the round/frame is considered complete.
  • If you manage to strike down only few of the pins and some are left standing after the first chance in the round, then they would be counted and removed. You would then be given a second chance to roll the ball and knock off the remaining pins. The number of pins toppled in the first chance and second chance would be taken together to make the score of that frame. However, wait for the pin-setter to complete its cycle before rolling the next ball.
  • If you manage to topple all the remaining pins in the second chance, then the effort would be called a ‘spare’.
  • Under no circumstances should you cross the foul line while playing the game. Whether in competition or casual play, this rule should always be followed.
Bowling Attire
  • Bowling lies in the shoes. You can never expect to bowl safely with your street shoes. They, for one, cannot protect your shoes if you accidently drop your ball on your feet. Secondly, they tend to be very slippery on the bowling floor.
  • Make sure you have non-slippery pair of shoes, which are ½ inch more than your regular size.
Scoring Rules
  • When you topple all the pins in your first chance and single throw, it is called a ‘strike’. The score for a strike is 10 plus the scores for the next 2 frames.
  • When all the ten pins are toppled but in two chances of a single frame, then it is termed as a spare. Scoring for a spare is 10 plus the score of the next frame.
  • When, even after both the chances of the frame, some of the pins still remain untoppled, it is called an ‘open frame’. Scoring for an open frame is the sum total of the pins toppled in both the chances.
  • The highest score you can get in a game of tenpin bowling is 300.

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