Black tea or green tea, which tea is more advantageous to your health? Scroll through this article to find out the answer to this question.

Black Tea Vs Green Tea

When it ‘boils’ down to tea, most people always run into a spot deciding between black tea and green tea. Some prefer the strong taste of black tea while others prefer the earthy taste of green tea. However, here it’s not about the taste of the tea. In fact, it’s less about the taste of the tea, and more about the health benefits that each variety promises. Tea, by itself, has quite a number of advantages. These benefits, however, may vary from tea to tea. Both the black tea and the green tea have their own set of benefits. The benefits are specific to the variety of tea, but often overlap each other. You can choose to drink more of the tea that offers more benefits to you, and your health. Or, you can simply choose to drink less or nothing at all of the tea that offers less or none of the benefits you are looking for. Read on to find for yourself the benefits of black tea and green tea.
Benefits Of Black Tea And Green Tea
Benefits Of Black Tea
  • It has been proven that black tea can help in the fight against cancer. Extensive research and studies have indicated that the black tea when drank regularly can assist in the prevention of breast cancer, stomach cancer and colon cancer. Recent studies have proven that certain chemicals present in black tea have effective anti-cancer properties, and may also minimize the risk of developing other forms of cancers.
  • Black tea, as far as viruses go, can prove to be extremely useful. It is a known fact that black tea is blessed with the natural ability to lend a helping hand in the fight against disease causing viruses. With regular consumption of black tea skin infections, pneumonia, diarrhea, etc. can be put at bay.
  • Believe it or not, black tea can actually prevent the occurrence of heart attacks. How is this possible? Simple, black tea helps keep down cholesterol and this prevents the clogging of arteries, ultimately assisting in the prevention of heart attacks.
  • Black tea can help you look a lot younger than you are. Regular consumption of black tea is believed to help delay the signs of aging. It’s no wonder then why so many anti-aging creams and lotions contain tea extracts that help make the skin look that much younger.
Benefits Of Green Tea
  • Green tea is blessed with relaxing properties, much more than even black tea. A cup of green tea per day can help you relax a lot more than a cup of black tea per day. Not many people are aware of this, but green tea is best when had in the evening as opposed to in the morning.
  • Caffeine is not really the best of things for you, but then everyone needs their daily dose of caffeine. So, if you still crave caffeine then green tea is the way to go because it contains less caffeine than most other teas. A cup of black tea contains around 40-42 mg of caffeine, but green tea contains only around 20-22 mg of caffeine. So, if you are looking to cut down on the intake of your caffeine, green tea is your safest bet.
  • Green tea is also known to boost the immunity of an individual. Frequent consumption of green tea can help strengthen a weak immune system.
  • If you are looking to lose weight, then green tea is what you should drink, without the sugar of course. Drinking green tea regularly can help boost metabolism, and burn fat more efficiently, making it the ideal drink for those who are more than keen on losing weight.

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